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    Hi there
    I love this idea Could I be added for french AS please. thank you
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    My German is pretty decent having studied since year 7 until 3rd year uni and having spent some time in Germany. I've also got an A level in French, and I'm a Spanish beginner.. So I'd love to chat with anyone in any of these languages I'm native English btw!
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    I want to practice French!!
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    Add me in the list, french is my mother tongue... glad i can help !
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    (Original post by Xx.MissEG.xX)
    Can I be added to the French and Spanish list please? I'm currently doing both at AS.
    Pm if you want to practice for the french oral!
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    Is there a reason the recent ones haven't been added to the list? Just wondering...
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    Yes, simply tht Emzaz hasn't logged in since 09-02-2012 and only her can edit her post.
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    (Original post by Xurvi)
    Yes, simply tht Emzaz hasn't logged in since 09-02-2012 and only her can edit her post.
    Language mods and supermods can edit her post, so if it would help you can request for 'X and Y' to be edited into her post. :yep:
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    I would like to do this but I hate talking on phones in my native tongue nevermind to practice another language. It's really embarassing..

    I'm an AS learner of Spanish though but my Spanish is really bad and I'm getting like Ds in that because I'm working full time and studying A2 Englanglit and AS Sociology as well.
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    Hi there!

    Spanish is my mother tongue and I'd like improve my english skills a bit so... add me on the list right now

    BTW, my skype I.D: learning2english
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    I can help with French!
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    hey there.
    i would love to improve my german and i am currently taking my A2's. Got my speaking in one
    and a bit weeks time and would like to talk to someone.
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    Hat jemand diese Woche Zeit?
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    (Original post by hannah_dru)
    Hat jemand diese Woche Zeit?
    Ja ich habe teilweise Zeit. Wann möchtest du denn Skypen?
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    (Original post by German_Saskia)
    Ja ich habe teilweise Zeit. Wann möchtest du denn Skypen?
    Danke schoen! Morgen oder vielleicht am naechsten Montag?
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    (Original post by hannah_dru)
    Danke schoen! Morgen oder vielleicht am naechsten Montag?
    Ja ich kann an beiden Tagen. Habe dir per Skype eine Anfrage gesendet.
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    Best thread yet! Can you put my name in i'm doing french at GCSEs and i'm highly considering doing it at A-levels with the help of a tutor. My speaking is really bad but i will be practicing in the holidays, so would i be put in gcses or beginner because i'm not the best?
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    Hi, can you add my name to the list please?

    I'm a native English speaker, happy to help anyone who would like to learn or improve upon their level of English.

    I'd ideally like to practice my French, as I'm going on exchange to Aix en Provence this September. I'm currently at level B2 on the European Framework (1 year post IB/ A Levels). If there's anyone of a similar level out there?


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    Hello there.

    I'm Spanish and I'm studying English (because of that I'm in this forum )
    So I'll pleased to teach you Spanish and you could teach me some English.

    My English level in Intermediate/Upper-intermediate and my Spanish is from Spain.

    We can teach each other English-Spanish!
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    I would be interested in French,German & Spanish, but not through video call, just standard skype call! Currently studying French, German & Spanish at GCSE Level.


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