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Brighton Uni Primary PGCE, Falmer campus, Sept 2011 start anyone??

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    I'm going to Brighton Uni in September to do Primary PGCE 5-11 years at the Falmer Campus.

    Just wondering if anyone else is also doing this course there as me and another girl are looking for flatmates for a share house somewhere in the Falmer area as uni accommodation is waaaaaay expensive for us?

    Anyone interested? Hit me back! xx


    I'm starting in September too, though I'd want to live somewhere along Lewes Road so I'm closer to town and easy access to Uni bus routes. It's pretty pricey all round I think, or from what I've seen, the cheapest so far is about £370 without bills!!



    I'm starting the same course in September as well. I'm in the same boat as you guys, the cheaper the better! I don't mind about location as long as it's not too out of the way for access to the Falmer campus. My email is [email protected] (you can use this to search for me on Facebook as well) if your interested in house hunting together

    Simon x

    have you guys looked on the student pad website?
    If you were keen to share in a 4 person it might be worth checking what's in there.
    might also be worth getting to know everyone a bit better....

    I'm 24, did English BA in Bristol...really like going out for nights out though it doesn't sound like there'll be any time!! Love live music, done a bit of events organising....

    what i'm really looking for is a comfy, relatively chilled out house with some tidy but not OCD people who are up for some nights out when the workload is manageable, either on Lewes Road for town and uni bus connections, or near one of the train stations as there are connections into the Falmer station which is right between the Sussex and Brighton campuses. Don't want to be stuck out of town as one of my friends did her degree in Brighton and said taxis are pretty pricey after nights out or from the station.

    She also said to avoid living in Moulsecombe, as apparently it's a bit rough there.

    If that sounds like what you guys are after too it would be great to start looking :-)

    I'm waiting for Brighton Uni to send me the password for the student pad website before I can have a browse of what's on there.

    As for me, I'm 25, studied Fine Art BA at Reading Uni, and have spent a couple of years teaching ESL abroad since then. I'm also really into live music and enjoy going out, although like Abby said, I doubt we will get much chance to when the course starts!

    I'm looking for the same, a chilled house of 4 would be ideal. I'm tidy and enjoy cooking, especially for other people. I agree somewhere close to a train station or with good bus connections would be good.

    When would everyone be wanting to move? I'm going to be away for July and August, so September is when I'm looking to start renting. I live around London so it won't be difficult for me to head down to Brighton to have a look at some potential places in the next couple of months. I'm happy to start house hunting straight away if everyone else is? x
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    Hey! ok only reading these replies now!

    I'm 25, currently living in n.ireland so house viewing is pretty much impossible for me at the mo lol, I'll be moving over in September too and I'd be up for a house near train or bus connections as i don't have a car! i'll mail use my facebook link as i'm not putting it up on here! xx

    Hey I've added you both. How do you feel about unfurnished places? I've got a double bed and other bits and pieces...only I have seen a LOVELY house but its unfurnished looking all over the place at the mo, will message you links to your Facebooks. Also, loads of 5 beds around...

    Hey guys

    Just wanted to say hi as i'm also starting my primary 5 -11 pgce at brighton in sept 11! I'm going to be living at home with my parents coz cant afford to move out but i'm also up for nights out when we have time! and maybe a few drinks in a pub garden to destress!

    Hey you guys!! I'm starting pgce in September and was wondering if you got house sorted!? I'm coming over from northern Ireland too and am struggling to find somewhere because they don't let us in halls!!

    Were did my
    Post go:-(

    Hi guys I'm 22 and from northern ireland. I'm starting a pgce secondary in Sussex come September! Was wondering if yous got sorted for a house? I'm struggling as I don't really know the area and cause we are not accommodated in halls!!
    Hope you's are all looking forward to it :-)

    Hi guys,
    Starting the 5-11 primary pgce in Sept also and really wish I'd read this thread awhile ago as would have loved to live with other people on the course. Going to be living in Moulsecombe (which I didn't know was dodgy!) in unihomes accommodation. Anyway hope everyone sorted out somewhere to live and did all that lovely pre-course work!!
    See you next week.


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