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The "What are you craving" thread.

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    I've been watching Man Vs Food for the last couple of hours, and am now craving something containing at least 3 different animals and melted cheese.
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    Minus the meat.
    But it's ok because my boyfriend is making one later
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    Cinnamon rolls - gonna go make some now :coma:
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    Chocolate fudge cake. I might have to get a takeaway and a cake
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    Curly fries. I want.
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    Cake of pretty much any variety
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    I was originally craving just a Cadbury Creme Egg but after looking through this thread I want so much more! mash potato, cinnamon rolls, cookie dough ice cream...
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    Potato waffles. Just rediscovered them after not eating them since I was about 9, and they are aweeeeesome
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    Something like:

    would go down well now.
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    (Original post by SoapyDish)
    I've been watching Man Vs Food for the last couple of hours, and am now craving something containing at least 3 different animals and melted cheese.

    (Original post by TotoMimo)
    And topped with a POUUUUND OF BRISSSSKET!
    I could do with a massive platter of chilli cheese fries:

    or a mahhhhasssivveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e burrito:

    I'd be happy to knock down both, and a good-topped deep pan pizza right now:

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    (Original post by MalingaTheSlinga)

    You've just made me so hungry, haha.
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    I'm really craving scrambled egg.
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    A chinese!! Dang its been ages!!
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    A Beau Jo's Mountain Pie wouldn't go amiss.

    Instead I'm eating a turkey salad sandwich. Yeah. THAT's the same thing.
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    Chocolate, any chocolate but instead I bought a multipack of Wotsits like a FOOL
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    A bunch of stuff from my local indian takeaway. Veg pakora and chicken korma wee bit of nan too please
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    Lemon mousse. It's a weird one but I was thinking about cheesecake the other day and mousse followed on from that and I love lemons...
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    Some sort of Mexican food - burrito or fajita or nachos or something, I want spicy cheesey yumness.


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