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My nipples don't go hard when I'm turned on!

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    Anon please! Also, females only please, and no 'pics or GTFO'.

    Right, I'm female and my nipples don't go hard when I'm turned on. It doesn't bother me much but I wanted to know if I'm alone here because porn stars seem to all have hard nipples but that may be because they're really cold or something.

    My nipples also go hard when I'm cold or when they're played with, and sometimes when I take my bra off too but that's it. The rest of the time they're like pancakes. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    Yes I am a guy but OP I kind of share the same problem, except it's my penis that never gets hard and looks like a pancake.
    Does this happen to you guys as well? :cry:
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    Not everyones nipples get hard.
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    OP it sounds relatively normal because they are going hard when played with.
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    I don't think mine do either unless they're played with.

    Don't think its a problem.

    And I reckon they must film in cold rooms so they get their nipples like that permanently. Porn isn't real, so its unlikely the girls are actually turned on. I don't think I'd be turned on by having sex by a script
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    if they're hard all the time wouldn't it be uncomfortable?
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    Oh for ****s sake PLEASE dont use porn as an example. Seriously.

    Some people have flat nipples, some people have coat-hanger nipples, some have inverted nipples, some have small areola, some have large areola...

    It really doesnt go further than that.
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    Just cleared out a load of spam from this thread; please keep it sensible, guys.

    [QUOTE=Antonia87;30567866]Oh for ****s sake PLEASE dont use porn as an example. Seriously.


    Why not :s .
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    (Original post by RightSaidJames)
    Just cleared out a load of spam from this thread; please keep it sensible, guys.
    In that case, delete the first post.
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    [QUOTE=Anonymous;30568049][QUOTE=Antonia87;30567866]Oh for ****s sake PLEASE dont use porn as an example. Seriously.

    Why not :s .
    Because its completely fake and staged? Because both the women and men rely on heavy make up and tricks in order for their bodies to look that way?

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    I dont think it matters. :P
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    Flick them.

    They'll harden in 4 seconds, I promise ya
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    Maybe because your not actually turned on?


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