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What are the lowest ranking UK unis?

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    & where's the source?
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    Why does it matter? Are you an arrogant cock or something?
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    (Original post by mpanda)
    & where's the source?
    Oxford ofcourse.
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    It depends how you rank universities. According to The Times, Southampton Solent comes in at 122nd.
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    There are various rankings that you can google.

    It really doesn't matter though.
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    If you are too stupid to google this, and find the answer in 10 seconds.

    Then i assume your trying to find universities to aim for?
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    Some Asian sham uni that was opened in Manchester to 'sell' UK student visas - that was awful. They can't teach you **** there!
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    I have googled, I'm just curious.
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    (Original post by losingtouch.)

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    (Original post by mpanda)
    I have googled, I'm just curious.
    So have you seen the league tables? If so, why do you want people to tell you what you have already seen?

    If you haven't them: -

    Sunday Times




    Times is subscription only although there are still ways to find it.

    I'm locking the thread as you are getting few serious replies and it will just attract spam but primarily because you can find your answer yourself.
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