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Female Rugby Player's Fight Back To Fitness ..

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    (Original post by ibysaiyan)
    Glad to know that you have made a quick recovery. =]
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    Had my first session in 2 weeks(ish) yesterday so need to get back into it again ...

    Yesterdays lifts

    squat 30kg 3x5
    bench press 27.5kg 3x5
    Calf Raises 27.5kg 3x8
    Tricep Dips 3x8

    Went swimming today and did HIIT because county trials are approaching and I want to make sure I have the fitness levels since weve only done one fitness session a week as a squad
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    Really need to remember to update this ...

    Todays lifts

    squat 35kg 3x5
    bench press 25kg 3x5
    Calf Raises 30kg 3x8
    Tricep Dips 3x8
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    Just read first post, how's that killer arse coming on?
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    (Original post by Shawshank)
    Just read first post, how's that killer arse coming on?
    Not bad Got a long way to go but definitely an improvement
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    Just flicked through. Some interesting stuff, gratz on sticking to it. Getting back into something is waaaaay harder than starting out.
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    Deadlift 45kg 2x5 (intended to do 3 sets but nearly fainted lol, need to remember to breathe!)
    Close grip Bench Press 20kg 3x5
    Bentover Barbell row 20kg 3x8

    Wasnt feeling the love for lunges today, I worry too much about my knee! May have a look into replacing them tbh, we'll see.

    Also did some coaching today .. U13s - who knew they could have so much energy!
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    (Original post by Old School)
    Just flicked through. Some interesting stuff, gratz on sticking to it. Getting back into something is waaaaay harder than starting out.
    Thanks, always nice to see some support
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    Yesterday just did some work on benching, learned to retract my scapulas properly to stop the weird crunching noise in shoulder, so at least it was useful!
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    Squat 35kg 3x5
    Strict press 20kg 3x5
    Straight leg Deadlift 25kg 3x8
    power clean 20kg 3x5

    Contact session at rugby tonight
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    Felt really good today so thought id push myself a bit

    Squat 40kg 1x5 <- chuffed with finally hitting 40kg, actually felt i had another set in me but due to swimming later and kicking practice tomorrow i played it safe

    DB Bench press 10kg each hand 1x5, 7.5kg 2x5 <- DB because my brother wasnt there to spot me

    Calf raises 30kg 3x8

    Tricep dips 3x8

    And swimming now to finish off, also looking into gym membership as i can get one for £10 a month for use all council run gyms in my area, i know the weights section will be rubbish more than likely but its worth it for the swimming and I will still have my weights at home
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    Did dothe weights today, but I cant for the life of me remember any numbers

    Also had a good swim to get the old cardio up to scratch!

    Oh and was selected for the county team so the weights have definitely paid off, going to try to up the conditioning work now and aim for divisional early 2012!
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    Not been able to do the weights for a while because I'm having trouble with my back, no idea what is wrong or how I did it but I just want to lift again!

    Also, bit of advice, use deep heat sparingly ... my back was burning for 20 minutes last night and disrupted my sleep
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    Forgot about this

    Ive been neglecting the weights due to rugby and other commitments, and I have missed it! Im going to try to be more consistent, and will be swimming tonight then starting with the weights again tomorrow due to no training. I wont have specific days to do specific exercises, i'll stick to my current routine and work out 3 days a week with at least one days rest between, but no set days (it will depend on commitments).

    Here's my post taken from the Barbelles Society about my goals for 2012 ..

    (Original post by MissLightyear)
    We did some flexibility testing in PE today and my scores were pathetic (I got MINUS 5 in the sit and reach test) so that would be a goal.

    So all my fitness goals will be ...

    - Improve flexibility (aim for 25 on the sit and reach test maybe)
    - Improve cardiovascular fitness (do more interval and steady state cardio)
    - Lift consistently (Ive forgot about my log and started missing sessions which isnt good!)
    - Make divisional squad (Rugby)
    - Through lifting consistently I think 60kg Squat, 80 kg DL and 40kg Bench by the end of 2012 (Im not sure how realistic due to other commitments and being a wimp but its something to aim for)
    - See a visible improvement in Body composition
    - Stay injury free!

    I didnt really have goals for this year except get into lifting and rugby orientated goals so nothing to really look back on.
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    Bring it on!!
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    Todays lifts

    squat 5x5 30kg
    bench press 3x5 20kg
    One Legged Calf Raises 3x8 20kg
    Tricep dips 3x8

    Didnt want to push myself too much due to just getting back into it, but regretting it now because I feel like I havent put enough effort in! Anyway, wont be home tomorrow as Im off to watchthe wombats, but Im hoping to do a bit of boxing tabata training saturday as well as the weights, as I want to focus on conditioning a bit more.

    Also, started stretching every morning, hopefully there'll be a noticable difference by christmas in flexibilty
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    Had a rugby match today, was pointless really, turned up to play half an hour because they didnt have enough players :| couldnt even convince them to mix the teams and play a friendly afterwards.

    So will definitely be able to do the weights tomorrow since I feel like ive done nothing today!
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    Apparently I have a habit of injuring myself when i sleep! I did weights last monday and had serious DOMS from squats so did some light cardio (exercise bike) tuesday and wednesday and some boxing/skipping thursday.

    The weekend wasnt too good either, woke up friday morning and twisted to get up, my shoulder let out a massive crunching noise and has been aching since and Sunday was a no go anyway as I was out saturday night. Shoulder is nothing serious but I couldnt squat/bench/press so i just did some HIIT.

    Hopefully swimming tomorrow will sort it
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    Squat - 35kg 3x5
    Bench press - 25kg 3x5
    Calf raises - 35kg 3x8
    Tricep dips - 3x8

    Tried to film squats but that failed, my phone camera isnt very good so i'll try to borrow my mums video camera next time!

    Also, foam rolled for the first time ... Oh. My. God. I felt pain in muscles I didnt even know existed! Definitely recommend it!
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    Hi! Just thought I'd whack a quick message in here to say how awesome I think your consistency is with posting. Keep it up into 2012!

    What position are you playing now? Heading for divisionals?


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