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Party Halls at Sussex

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    What are the biggest party halls? park village?, east slopes? are park houses decent for fun or ****?
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    I visited my brother in Park Village last year, and it was really good, I've applied there for this oct
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    I was told on the open day that East Slope has lots of parties and that in general the more expensive, the less sociable...
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    East Slope is definitely the party accommodation. I'm living in Brighthelm at the moment and get kept up most nights by East Slope parties :P
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    I can safely say ive been to a party in every type of accomodation on campus, but usually the cheaper accodomation is the more likely to have a party, so east slope and park village both have parties quite often
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    East Slope and Park Village definitely.


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Updated: April 2, 2011
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