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    Im only in year 11 therefore this is my research stage. My predicted grades are 9a/* 2bs(I'm above) and I've opted to do additional maths and statistics, yes I know they won't look at these but ya know. I know the typical offer for a med school is 11A* but what grades aren't looked down upon? If I got 6a* 5a would I get an instant rejection from most unis or would they think that they're good gcses? Thanks in advance!

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    where the hell did you get this 11A* rubbish from may i ask?
    okay, so i'm probably talking from experience sitting on 3 offers. I got 6A* 5As at GCSE. 5A*s were in the least relevant subjects too. For most universities these were more than satisfactory, a lot do not consider performance at GCSE. But some do. Leave your GCSE research till once you start looking at med schools, but for now, focus on the grades, work experience, voluntary work. as long as you're predicted AAA or A*AA, you should be fine.
    good luck


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Updated: March 20, 2013
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