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    Who's gonna be there in sept 11? I am...

    i am going there to study fashion buying!!!!!!!!! but am not sure abotu the halls, have you seen them which ones ar best for harrow students, i was thinking a single room ensuit in harrow, close to baker street as id want to transfer my job for there...

    The halls are literally next to the campus. And it takes anything from 15 - 40 mins depending so working in baker street is fine. If you have any questions, ask. I'm currently at Westminster.

    Is harrrow halls are tidy and new?You know, because most of halls are old and damaged.Thanks for answer

    it depends on your apartment, if you know what i mean. but don't worry cause their are caretakers to argue with if you have anything wrong. But in general things are tidy, cleaners come in now and again to clean. And then people don't really like living in a dump, even if you are students Just hope you get a good bunch of flat mates and a good kitchen.

    oh by the way to answer your question... sorry i forgot:

    the harrow halls are relatively new. the entire campus is new, only a few years old. but students with be students so sometimes things go wrong. but they have everything you need


    does any1 know when freshers week starts and whats on...


    Try the student union website. It should have the stuff for freshers.

    Hello Kchan1 (I wish I could call your real name),

    I am a Thai nationality and I have never been to England before. I've recently confirmed an unconditional offer for MA- Communication, and will study at the Harrow campus.

    I am considering to stay either at Harrow hall or Wembly. I am into culture, art, and plays, but would like to go to Harrow campus convenitenly at the same time. If I stay at Harrow hall, it would be near to where I study. However, is living there far out from the activities in the center? How far is it from Wembly hall to Harrow campus? Is Wembly close to any happening hip place in London? I read that Alliance Francaise is close to Baker street where I will continue my french. Isn't that sensible to live at the Wembly hall instead?

    It would be nice to hear your comment and to create a clear picture in my head in living in London.

    Thanks a lot in advance.



    Anything from Baker Street on that line takes up to 15 minutes to 1/2 hour depending on rush hour.

    Living in Wembley is fine, most of 1st and 2nd years live from baker street to northwick park on both the met and jubliee line.

    If your wondering about hip places. I'd say the west end is your place to go, but it's in zone 1 on the tube map. Therefore living at Wembley is going to be expensive as its a zone 4. If you want to be close to the centre of london then how about living on the jubliee line somewhere maybe zone 2 or 3. Its more convenient if you want to get to zone 1 quickly.

    Personally i live in zone 4 on the otherside of london so i can say that it can be expensive if you want to go from zone 4 to zone 1 on the tube map.

    In contrast though I have friends who live in baker street or kings cross and make it into uni on time. It all depends on how much your willing to spend on travel. So i'd say check travel prices if your worried

    I hope this helps.
    As always ask if you need any more help.


    Hello Hannah,

    Nice to meet you. Thanks so much for your advice.

    Would that make more sense for a newcomer from Thailand to stay at Harrow Hall for a few monthes, after getting more acquainted with London, I should move to a shared flat/house at one of those places you mentioned?

    How do we pay for the rent to the university's halls exactly? Do we pay all at once according to the period of rent in the contract, and when I will move out, then I will get the refund? Or do they collect the rent month by month basis?

    Thanks again for your reply in advance.



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