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TSR's 2012 Tuition Fees Tracker - how much are universities charging in 2012?

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    Durham have announced 9k fees (no surpise)
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    QUB have announced £9000 fees university of ulster announced an increase in fees but are unsure of prices yet!
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    Whoa it seems like a lot of uni actually put the ffes up to the max £9000. :O
    My sister is going touni next year she will be end up with massive amount debt before she can even start working. :O

    A bit shocking.
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    I think UCL said nothing yet about their 2012 fees. But I am sure they too will charge the maximum because they were one of those unis who terrorised the government for years to lift the cap.
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    Essex is going through the consultation phase still. I'd expect a figure at the beginning of next term.
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    liverpool uni want to charge the full £9000 too
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    This is unofficial from York's open day, but apparently they want to keep fees at their current levels for a few years and see how things go.
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    Leeds have hinted at their desire to charge the full £9k too
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    lol the payments basically end up creating about a thirty year grad tax at £9000 so dont worry go to uni and just be slightly bitter towards people going uni this year
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    Surrey has joined the 9k group, I think we can expect all 1994 group institutions to do so.
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    (Original post by kevin6767)
    I have seen a lot of comments on threads were people have been asking which universities will be wanting to charge the maximum fee for 2012 entry. So for the sake of dispelling the rumours and counter rumours about which universities will seek to charge the maximum fees I thought it maybe of help to create this thread, primarily for the people who the fees hike will effect.

    The universities thus far:
    Imperial College

    Liverpool University and Leeds University have expressed an interest in charging £9,000 fees but it has yet to be agreed by the governing bodies.

    No university has yet specified a sum below the £9,000 limit but Liverpool Hope University has said they will not seek the £9,000 maximum.
    I will update this thread as I hear of more news.
    Liverpool and Leeds think they could charge 9k, jesus! Im just glad this will force people to think before they go to uni!
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    I think they need to add a universities section for!
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    (Original post by Mombasa Raha)
    I think they need to add a universities section for!
    HAHA very true.
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    Leeds Met announces it will only go to 6k.
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    9k for Durham - good luck.
    * waits * for the Durham troller gang
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    (Original post by Hellothere!!)
    QUB have announced £9000 fees university of ulster announced an increase in fees but are unsure of prices yet!
    QUB is not worth £9000.

    Dear god I absolutely loathe the place, the students around it and the businesses that treat you like **** even though the students bring them the majority of their income. There's like 3 decent clubs and bouncers can be hit and miss......

    QUB, the only thing you graduate with is a First in pretentiousness which is soon thrown back in your face considering most graduates work in the surrounding shops as cashiers unless they were top of their class. Belfast went down the ****ter a long time ago.
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    Why would they do that? You couldn't pay me £6k to go to Leeds Met.
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    (Original post by Einheri)
    Why would they do that? You couldn't pay me £6k to go to Leeds Met.
    Considering the limit is 9k they are basically paying people 3k to turn up haha
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    (Original post by Einheri)
    Why would they do that? You couldn't pay me £6k to go to Leeds Met.
    Link says London Met, that's even worse
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    (Original post by hobnob)
    Edit: On topic: other than the universities already mentioned, Liverpool Hope has been the only university so far to announce that they won't be charging the maximum fees rate.
    Surprise, surprise. :rolleyes:

    OP: I'd wait until the prospectuses have been released for absolutely final confirmation of fees.

    But you can expect the top universities and the most popular courses to be charging the £9000 cap.


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Updated: March 25, 2012
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