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Where do you work and how much do you get paid per hour?

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    Just out of interest

    And also, full time or part time?
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    Call Centre
    Part Time - casual hours In an ideal week I do 32.5 hours/week.
    £6.50/hour, or £7/hour if I'm doing admin work (also get to use a badass pink timesheet when doing admin work)

    It's a great student job because you can work when you want. However when the work starts to dry up (as it is right now; accursed govt. cuts) you run the risk of having only one shift/no hours at all because there's only so many staff hours to go between everyone.
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    Mercure Hotels
    Waitress/Bar Maid
    Part time: zero hours based, so whenever I'm home from uni, I can just ring up and ask for whatever spare shifts they have. Usually around 20 hours a week or so, loads more at Christmas.
    Oh and I only get whatever minimum wage is for an 18 year old
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    Waitress, Part-time. £5 an hour, just like it was at my old job. Although with tips it can be a bit more, £7/h maybe?
    Not the most fulfilling job in the world
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    Part-Time at BHS in the Restraunt. Pay has just gone up to £6.09 an hour because im 18 but was a measly £4.35 before that..
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    I'm just a cashier at a supermarket, I work about 20 hours a week and I get paid $10.25 per hour. Not sure how much that would be in pounds though.
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    Work part time at McDonalds on £6.15 an hour. Usually around 14 hours during term time, but am working full time now till September.
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    Work at Robert McBrides LTD, which make WD40 and homebrand cleaning products. I'm on £6.35 for day shifts and £6.70 for a night shift. Its a flexi contract, some weeks I get 38 hours and some weeks I may only get one shift
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    nunyabijness =p
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    Private teacher at Mímir, two lessons a week, 45mins each: over 50 quid a week. So, roundabouts 50 quid an hour.

    Before that, I was an assistant manager, in training, in a bar on a salary of 15.5k a year.
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    Employer: sony
    Hours: 45 including saturdays
    Wages: £12.30ph
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    I work for a sports photographer and get paid £7ph. Sometimes I can be doing absolutely nothing for an hour or more but I still get paid for it. I enjoy it, I get to work outside, it's pretty relaxed and it's a really small company and we all get on.
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    Work in Greggs on 6.38 an hour.
    Contracted for Weekend work / 8 hours, but on average work around 26 hours!
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    (Original post by aznboytomle)
    Just out of interest

    And also, full time or part time?
    For a bank call centre right now I'm dealing with savings for tax year end, usually I'm in sales. Part time, 16hours a week.

    £8.50ph plus 15%extra for working Sundays and nights.
    Plus my quarterly bonus, so an extra £300ish every three months.

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    I worked in a restaurant part time at uni and then full time until I got my Commission in the Navy. I was earning about £13-14 an hour if you include tips and that was an average week, more over Xmas. I also did a bit of A-level and GCSE tutoring at up to £25 per hour.
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    (Original post by aznboytomle)
    Just out of interest

    And also, full time or part time?
    Iceland Foods, part time during term time, full time in the holidays, £6.40 and hour with a good chance of getting another pay rise this year
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    Work for Cellar Trends doing promotion work on the weekends.
    Pay: £10.18 an hour
    Hours: Roughly 9/10 a week, working Friday and Saturday night.
    Overall pretty good student job!
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    At the moment I have a cushy part time job in a Library, just in there for 12 hours over the weekend around term time, and get holidays off £7.40 an hour.
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    I was on £6.67 per hour for 15 hours a week at Waitrose.

    Now I'm on £7.25 per hour for 12 hours (average per month) a week at John Lewis. Also including a Sunday shift, which is 1.5x

    So, I work less hours overall per month, and get around the same pay
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    I work in a Garden Centre for £4.00 an hour... Should be going up to £4.92 when I'm 18 though! Score! *I need a better paying job*


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