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Do you like Radio 2?

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    Generally people seem to hate on Radio 2 because it is for older people (probably 35+) but in actual fact I think it is great. Not only does it cater for many tastes with it's specialist programmes (Jamie Cullum, Bob Harris, Desmond Carrington) but the main daytime schedule plays a mix of legendary songs and the best of modern music, and the main playlist always includes the top music in the charts.

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    I don't like the weird things on later at night, not my kind of music. But the oldies during the day are great to sing along to, sometimes Radio 1 plays horrible noise just because it is 'new' and it sounds terrible! So yeah, sometimes I listen to it Yorkshire Coast Radio has to be the coolest though!
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    Saturday night with Alan Carr on Radio 2 :rolleyes:
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    Ken Bruce and Steve Wright are certainly better than whatever Radio 1 is playing at those times tbf.
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    Its better than Radio 1 and all of that Chart crap.
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    I hate chris evans!!
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    Radio 2 all the way!

    I quite lie the music and presenters and stuff - better than radio 1... more music (and no adverts) than local radio. Heart's pretty good I guess, but we can't get it down here.
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    Absolutely love it :love:
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    Love Bob Harris.
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    Chris Evans pisses me off.

    He shouts too much in the morning and I don't want to switch to Radio 1 because it's Chris Moyles who just complains how he doesn't get paid enough.
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    It reminds me of my doctors surgery.
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    It's ok for classic 80's stuff, and it doesn't play the awful playlist stuff that radio 1 does.
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    I wish Steve Wright's face would fall into my fist.
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    I have to admit I love Jeremy Vine's show, especially when there's two people on the phone debating/shouting at each other.
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    It's better than Capital Fm. I hate Capital FM.. they're so pathetic. It was an accident.. and they're never playing us again..


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Updated: May 23, 2012
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