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Mmmm, icecream! Favourite flavours?

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    Honeycomb or Belgian Chocolate
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    Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide was soooo good- then they stopped selling it in the UK

    I tried the limited edition Haagen-Daaz White Choc and Raspberry the other day and that was exceptionally good.
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    baileys flavoured ice cream! actually im gonna make that now!
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    (Original post by Josh_Dey)
    Mmm, care to choose?

    Motor Oil?!?!
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    (Original post by Josh_Dey)
    Mmm, care to choose?

    Motor Oil?!?!
    I'm more intrigued by 'Better Than Sex'...
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    Saw this thread and instantly thought MINT CHOC CHIP!!!!!!

    But i've recently developed an addiction to ben and jerry's cookie dough ice cream.
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    Fior di latte is SUCH an amazing flavour, as is crema, and gianduija. :love: The latter is basically frozen Nutella, but there isn't a way to describe the other two. They just are.
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    (Original post by laura loo)
    So, IMO Phish Food is the greatest icecream flavour out there. I love the huge globs of marshmallow, the swirls of caramel and those gorgeous chocolaty fish. Anyone have a fave they think can beat it?
    Yes, 'tis utterly heavenly - though I also adore Caramel Chew Chew.
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    Honeycomb! :coma:
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    Mint choc chip!
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    (Original post by angelbones)
    Ben & Jerry used to have this AMAZING flavour called Karamel Sutra. One half was chocolate icecream with some chips, the other half was caramel icecream (which was actually amazing), and then in the middle there would just be gooey caramel. :coma:
    They discontinued it, I'm gutted.

    Phish Food is lovely though.

    THEY HAVE RE-RELEASED THIS FLAVOUR.. along with another two. If you visit their facebook page its all on there! ... they look AMAZING.. worthy of eating straight from the tub
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    In tesco the other day I saw a flavour of Ben and Jerry's I hadn't tried before... "The Vermonster"... BEST ICE CREAM EVER It's maple syrup flavoured ice cream with caramel swirls and caramelised pecan nuts. I devoured the whole tub in about 30 seconds. Absolutely amazing. Everyone should eat it now!!!

    Buying that ice cream was the best decision of my life!
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    (Original post by Fisher58)
    THEY HAVE RE-RELEASED THIS FLAVOUR.. along with another two. If you visit their facebook page its all on there! ... they look AMAZING.. worthy of eating straight from the tub

    Oh my god!

    Think I might cry with joy.
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    Mint choc chip!
    Although, lately its been all about ben&jerrys choc fudge brownie for me
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    Cookie dough :coma:
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    Haagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream. :sogood:
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    Lemon Sorbet is absolutely gorgeous. I also love mint choc chip & chocolate fudge brownie.
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    mint chocolate chip though i prefer frozen yoghurt
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    Plain old Vanilla done right!
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    (Original post by AbuAK)
    Plain old Vanilla done right!

    I'm actually ashamed to say that I am yet to try Ben & Jerry's or Haagan Dazs ice-cream!


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Updated: March 7, 2012
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