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Test for a carboxylic acid

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    anybody know a test for a carboxylic acid
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    I quick search on google came up with the following website:
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    (Original post by papz_007)
    anybody know a test for a carboxylic acid
    Na2Co3 also gives a salt, CO2 and water.
    Or you can reduced it using LIAlH4 or NaBH4 giving a primiary alcohol.
    Or using PCl5 gives acid chloride + POCl3 and HCl gas (steamy white fumes)
    Carboxylic acid + alcohol gives ester + water
    Caboxylic acid + NaOH gives salt and water

    these are the main ones (that I can remeber)
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    as far as i know, to test for a carboxylc acid is to use Na2Co3 which gives of CO2-this the basic test for an acid so in order to prove there is an OH grop, use PCl5-which gives of HCl-white steamy fumes-when tested with the top of a conc. NH3 bottle gives dense white clouds!
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    add sodium metal and co2 will be evolved quickly eg the reaction will be vigorous


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