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    I am going to london met in september to do fashion marketing and i was wondering what the best halls are, that arent too pricey!
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    hi, i am possibly going to London Met to do Fashion Marketing too. What kind of accommodation are you looking for? en suite or just a normal room.. if you look on unite accommodation and then click London that shows you a good range of rooms available! Also the London met website reccomends some!

    the one i have chosen is emily bowes court..
    HTML Code:
    Its £176 a week for a ensuite single room, its really near the uni and has good transport links! It's the second cheapest en suite one and only 12 mins away from the uni!

    watch out because some accommodations have 51 week contracts and some have 41.. meaning you will be paying a few grand more if you choose the 51 week one ha!

    non-ensuite rooms are quite a bit cheaper, cheapest i've seen is around £130 i believe.

    do you know anyone else that is doing the course this year? or has done in the past? have you heard if its good or not! pretty worried about not being able to afford to live in London and moving there in general ha
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    Heya i am going to study at london met this september and am researching accomadation, have you had any luck? Also have you heard anything about what the course is really like from other students?
    Anyone who has gona to london met and studied fashion maketing please reply!!!!
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    Don't use Sir John Cass Halls. The social atmosphere is great, but the living not so... but it is on £107/week
    That said, bad ****'s gone down over the past couple of weeks...
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    There's a list of halls on the London Met website: http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/accommoda....cfm#topofpage

    If you use their halls comparison table you can arrange them by price or distance from campus.

    I'm staying at Opal (The Arcade) which is 10mins walk from campus but it's not the cheapest (about £200 p.a. over my maintenance).
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    How is Opal ? Is it noisy, I mean, can you hear your neighbors? Like music or alarm clock's?
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    (Original post by nunini)
    How is Opal ? Is it noisy, I mean, can you hear your neighbors? Like music or alarm clock's?
    Sorry, I meant to say I'm going to be staying there. So...I hope it's fine!
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    ok, let's hope ^^
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    hey im going to london me.......hahahahahhaha not!
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    Im doing this course this year , has anyone got any ideas what the best halls to apply are ? xx


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