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How to resist the urge to masturbate?

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    Seeing as it's Easter holidays, revision, exams etc. I've been trying to complete all my coursework that has to be done on the computer. Now, the thing is, I keep getting the urge to a rinky tink tink, y'know. It's really distracting and it's hard to get back into the flow of work after I do so.

    The problem is, I keep getting the urge more than once a day. Maybe thrice? I just really lack self-control. I can't work on my coursework because of this which leads to more procrastination.

    So what can I do to resist it? How do I stop being so horny?
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    get laid
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    Have a picture of your mum next to you. Staring at you.
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    Whenever you get the urge cover your hands in chilli powder.
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    If you carry on with that attitude youre gunna **** your life away sonny! :P
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    A chastity belt. Give the key to your mum?
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    I was going to say chop both your hands off but you will just resort to ****ing the sofa. And you probably wont be able to do your work.

    In this case, I prescribe you a hedge hog to be placed in your under garments for 3 weeks. Any arousal will resort into severe pain and counter the problem.

    Dr. Theodore Bittle.

    Any time bro, any time.
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    Make a commitment to ure self and tell someone you trust to help you..that is the cure.
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    Masturbating is (usually) a healthy thing. Resisting the urge shouldn't really be something you make yourself do.

    It sounds to me like you're using the fact that you get horny sometimes as an excuse to procrastinate. Maybe learn to masturbate and then get straight back to the task at hand?

    Or offer yourself porn as a reward system for getting a certain amount of work done. Giving ourselves structured reward systems is one of the best ways to achieve any given task requiring determination.
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    (Original post by righteous)
    A chastity belt. Give the key to your mum?
    agreed, this is the one that I use
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    "Rinky tink tink"

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    dont resist - just do it
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    Constantly think about your nan's wrinkled arse.
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    i get like that when i have a tonne of boring study. i think it is stress release. study for an hour then whack then sleep for a while then repeat.
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    brb jumping into the matrix since no pics.
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    Just have a **** and get it over with, you will then be able to concentrate, simple.
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    Just do it, then get back to work.
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    This guy has a problem stop encouraging him

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    Whack a picture of some blue waffles on your wall.
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    It's called self control.


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