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    Hi all,

    I've applied for an undergraduate scholarship at Westminster and am eagerly waiting to find out if I'm successful.

    Anybody have any idea of when they will notify applicants?

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    Hello! I received a letter today saying i was awarded a gold scholarship. The condition is weird though as we don't have IB in my country and they requested a 9/10 in the IB :/.
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    (Original post by louderthanbells)
    Hello! I received a letter today saying i was awarded a gold scholarship. The condition is weird though as we don't have IB in my country and they requested a 9/10 in the IB :/.
    Hi! Where are you from? I applied to Silver/Gold scholarships too... I'm going to Westminster to do the Film & Tv production course this September. Did you got that reply via regular mail or did you get it via Email? I want to know was my application successful or not.
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    Hey, i'm from Romania and I'm going to Westminster for Contemporary media practice. I got the reply via mail. I wasn't actually expecting to get a scholarship from them ..it was weird.
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    hi guys,

    did u applyed for an undergraduate or post graduate scholarship? I was wondering because i applyed for the postgraduate scholarship and the deadline was the end of Mai ...

    Does anybody know how long it will take to get a responds?
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    Hi there, I am from Bosnia and I also applied for the postgraduate (full) scholarship...
    Any news ?!!
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    Hi all,
    I have applied for a postgrad scholarship too @westminster...the deadline was 31st may 2011. No news as yet..Can anyone tell me wen wull i be notified?
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    Well in letter that they sent to me , as confirmation of receiving my application, they wrote that they will be informing me about decisions in early July.
    It seems too long to wait, but I hope it is worth waiting!!!
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    I sent an application for postgraduate scholarship too but didn"t get any notification.
    Fresia, pls after u sent your application did u send them an email dat they replied u telling u they will inform u abt their decision early july? or after submission they just sent u the email?
    Kind regards
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    Hello to everybody!

    I also have applied to the postgraduate gold scholarship for international students. I have called them to make sure they have recieved my scholarship application and they told me that the results will be available in the mid or late July. Hope that it will work out.

    Is there somebody, who already recieved such a scholarship? What was your GPA?

    Thank you
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    Well, Gogules,
    I received this mail:
    "Dear Scholarship Applicant,

    The Scholarships Office has received your application for scholarship with the September 2011 entry, and will put the application on file. The Scholarships Committee will be reviewing ALL the applications shortly after the 31st May 2011 deadline, thus our office aims to notify you of the outcome in early to mid July 2011. No applications are reviewed before this date, even though we may have received your scholarship application early. Our office will notify you by email, and will contact to with the outcome whether or not you are successful.

    If your attendance at the University of Westminster solely depends on you being awarded a Full Scholarship, please refrain from applying for University accommodation at this point. If you are awarded a Full Scholarship we will be able to put you in University accommodation at the appropriate time. If you are applying for Fee Waivers, or any other level of Scholarship or if you plan to attend the University regardless of the outcome of your application, please proceed with your accommodation application.

    Please do NOT respond to this email. It is for your information only."

    Maybe you could call to check if your application is received or mail them at [email protected]

    I hope we will all get approval

    Please keep posting updates!
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    Hi guys,

    wow mid of July - what are they doin all day long? I applyed for a nother sholarship -> deadline 15. Juni and they told me to give me an answer at the end of june!!

    Does anyone have experience - how big is the chance to get a full scholarship at westminster? I applyed for 8 different scholarships at westminster - how big is the chance - how many scholarships do they offer für each award?

    And how important is the GPA? I do not have any marks in my bachelor degree as i studyed art.
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    Hey to everybody!!!!

    I am also interested in the chances of getting full scholarship in Westminster University. What is the most important determinant for them? Do they look at the GPA, financial need or financial statement? How high should the GPA be to enable a candidate to get this scholarship?

    By the way in the confirmation letter I got it is said that the results would be announces only in the LATE July. Which is sad, I can't wait to find out those.
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    I say Amen to that, Thanks alot. Hope to see u dis sept
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    Did anyone allready get a responce???
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    Hey, i'm from Ireland and i've been awarded a place on the MA in Music Business Management course in the University. It's within the School of Media, Art and Design.

    I've emailed looking for confirmation that they have received my application and haven't received anything back even when I sent them my summer examination results. I'm not too sure about GPA's for anything other than the scholarships i've applied for but to get a Gold scholarship you need to have a 60% GPA to qualify. Silvers are either 50 or 55% GPA. I've applied for the:

    Part Fees Waiver (£2K off fees)
    Full Fees Waiver (Fees paid)
    Full scholarship (Fees, accommodation, living expenses and flights)

    These were the only ones available for EU members. I just about got in for the Gold scholarship but would have like to have gotten higher. Every scholarship is different. They look at academic excellence, personal development and financial need of the applicant. No idea what makes you an ideal candidate but i'm guessing someone with high academic grades, trying to make a space for themselves in their respective industries and would contribute to the University and to their country when they return home. Also someone who has been in receipt of a grant and/or student assistance fund would have a higher chance but at the end of the day, each scholarship only examines certain aspects of the student's life.

    louderthanbells, it's strange that you received an email so early but well done!
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    How do you know that u need a specific GPA für the specific level of the scholarship?
    How ever, I think u will just be considert fpr the part fees Waiver. On the Website they mention that u should just apply for the lowest u need - so if u apply for full and part fees waiver than they will just consider u for that one as that is ur minimal requirement.

    I tryed to call Westminster in the last days - but they will not pic up - did anyone get through?
    Its so silly that they do not just send out emails. For oversea students a letter takes 2-3 weeks ¦¦
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    TomTom023 - For the full scholarship in any department I believe they require you to have a 2:1 (Gold) GPA at minimum. It's a necessary factor. The part fees and fees waiver falls under the Silver category (50-59% GPA)

    On the form it requests that you state which scholarship(s) you are applying for. So I threw them all down with the Full Scholarship as the first one (I think it stated order of preference, I may be wrong). It's an odd system as it states that if you are relying on the scholarship to be able to attend, then you shouldn't apply for the course, whereas most of us at least on this thread have some sort of financial need or we wouldn't be throwing our hats in the ring.

    I haven't received any notification from them. It states that they will only contact you to tell you is you were successful or not. Pity. Wouldn't mind a constant update as it's kind of important to all of us!
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    Me for example - I dont have marks in my degree - but i have a big financial need - without the scholarship is would not be able to study in UK.
    But I Applyed just for the full once - coz I read that they will just consider u for the minimum SS. Its understandible - if u apply for a half fee waive - that mean that u would be able to bring out the rest - so why should they give u more...
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    It is taking really too long to get the decisions....
    I am expecting to get one within next 10 days...
    I applied for full scholarship as well since I am from developing country...
    Did some of you get some sort of "evaluation form" to fill the questionnaire regarding to the admission process in general and your impressions?


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