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Do you need to cook mushrooms?

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    or can you just eat 'em staright out the packet?
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    depends on which sort. normal mushrooms are fine raw. they taste good too!
    but field mushrooms, for example, that you find in your back garden, i wouldn't risk eating too much of raw - just in case.
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    You can just eat 'em... I love eating fresh button mushrooms. Make sure they're clean first, though!
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    thanx. :cool: yea button mushrooms is what ive got.
    i washed it but it looked just the same after as before.
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    yuh washing is just to get any random spots of potting compost off the mushroom so that you're not eating soil.
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    If you mean normal mushrooms from the supermarket, it's best to just brush them clean. Washing them with water makes them go slimey. Don't worry about getting every single bit of dirt off them, it won't do you any harm.
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    its just clean potting compost. which is generally sterilised or something to get the weed seeds out of it...
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    cook them in a dry curry - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    mmmmmmmm...mushrooms - magic aren't they?!
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    some of them are magic...
    i can't remember buying a magic one by mistake in a supermarket
    but maybe I just picked up the wrong box.
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    nothing better than eating fungus.

    actually, i lie, almost everything is better than eating fungus.
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    mushrooms are nice, specially cooked in real butter.
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    I love them grilled yum yum!
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    I love garlic mushrooms and melted wensleydale on toast.
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    I love eating mushrooms.

    Makes people think I'm such a fun-gi.
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    I love eating mushrooms.

    Makes people think I'm such a fun-gi.
    that was so pathetic it was slightly amusing....rep for making me smile..
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    i am too cynical to smile at something as corny as that
    I have to put up with corny jokes all day long where i live!!!
    ROFL at that...
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    (Original post by theaman)
    I love eating mushrooms.

    Makes people think I'm such a fun-gi.
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    I'm glad people liked my joke.

    I thought people might have thought it was ****-aki.
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    (Original post by theaman)
    I'm glad people liked my joke.

    I thought people might have thought it was sh*t-aki.
    ouch! this mushroom based humour is so bad it's good!!


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