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May 2011 AQA Philosophy Exams

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    (Original post by DemolitionLovers)
    I'm resitting on Wednesday too. I have no idea how you have revised all of those topics! I've only done morality and reason and experience. For R&E I'm pretty sure conceptual schemes and innate ideas will come up.

    Just make sure that you put enough points down roughly 4-5 and follow them through with what the philosophers/theory says, any criticisms, any responses and how it leaves the theory
    It's been hard, especially with my lack of motivation over christmas! Luckily i've just gone over conceptual schemes and finally understand Kant's Synthetic a priori which is good Thanks

    Ok, thank you very much, it's quite hard to put a lot of detail in in an essay which you only have half an hour to write, especially now i'm used to doing hour ones for A2, thanks for the tips! And GOOD LUCK!!
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    (Original post by Ttorria)
    Hey, i was similar, i got A's and B's all year and came out with a C?! I'm resitting in a couple of days, what do you think will come up? I did morality, reason and experience, free will and determinism and god and the world

    Also any tips?? thanks
    Im resitting as well and do u have any tips on how religious and scientific people experience the world differently. and do u know the difference between reason and causes. please
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    (Original post by DemolitionLovers)
    Don't worry, I was gutted when I came out with a B overall, never got under an A! Are you resitting?
    I feel the same, I was told I was working at an A.. obviously not but oh lord, I resat both exams and hopefully I did better than before.. I say it should be easy to do better but I can guarantee I've got another awful grade.
    My college appealed, and AQA remarked our papers.. but marked everyone down, then as soon as we asked to see the papers, they told us they'd destroyed them. I can't see how that's fair! Not only that but my college lied to me on results day and told me I got a D (awful, ugh)... when it turns out I got an E!
    Moan moan moan, I'm sorry. haha I just hope it went better!
    And good luck for everyone else's results too


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