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Russell Howard from Good news/mock the week - attractive or unattractive.....?

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    If you don't know who he is, this is him.

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    Attractive. In a cute way
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    Comedian = +2 on attractiveness scale (1-10)

    +10 for Michael Mcintyre.
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    Burn him with fire. He'd be hot if he was funny, he's just so so so boring.
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    cock eyed prick
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    HOT :mmm:
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    Hes quite cute
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    His humor is painfully awful enough to make viewing him painfully awful.

    So, -7.8
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    (Original post by Pink Sparkles)
    Attractive. In a cute way
    This tbh.
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    I hear he's in his 30s.

    He looks about 14.
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    He's nice-looking, but not attractive, and painfully unfunny.
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    he's cute in a weird sort of way lol
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    I think he's beautiful :love:
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    Attractive. He has a nice face,cheeky grin etc and he looks good in his glasses


    Wow, he has so many haters!! I think he great but then sense of humour's such a personal thing, I guess
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    He would be hot if he had better teeth :o:

    But he's cute
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    He reminds me of Sid the sloth from ice age.....pass
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    I think he's quite cute :3 but I wouldn't say he's hot though.
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    I hope he finds this tread and talks about it on his show... He could finally get that student demographic he's worked so hard to get. Plus he should put a pig on his head for an entire show.
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    Any girl who thinks he's attractive is a mental imo.

    He's an annoying unfunny scrawny little midget.


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Updated: April 20, 2011
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