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Proof of single parent status.

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    My parents are separated however they are not divorced. They do not have a nisi decree or any other proof of separation. How would I go about sending evidence to student finance?
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    Single person council tax discount or a signed letter from a solicitor.
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    Does the parent who you live with recieve child tax credits for you? If they do, it will be JUST in their name. That is what student finance want from me to prove I am a single parent. If they don't receive child tax credits for you then it will need to be something like a council tax bill which says who is living at that household
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    They won't accept tax credit notices for proof of marital status - that's incorrect advice. The best option I think would be a council tax bill stating the 25% dicount for single occupancy or a signed letter from a solicitor, as hypocriticaljap stated.
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    (Original post by sparklebox)
    They won't accept tax credit notices for proof of marital status - that's incorrect advice. The best option I think would be a council tax bill stating the 25% dicount for single occupancy or a signed letter from a solicitor, as hypocriticaljap stated.
    Its not incorrect.

    It is what student finance specifically request to prove you are a single parent, want to see a copy of my letter from them?

    Requested child benefit notice and tax credit notice (which would be in the single parents name as a single claimant)
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    I'm sorry, I misunderstood you. What you're referring to is eligibility for products such as the special support grant where someone would need to prove they are a lone parent to receive the funding.

    That's not the same as the marital status proof requested for the standard loans for a student who is dependent on their parent. So my advice was correct, yes - you were referring to something different.
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    So how come when my dad buggered off and left my mother, she didn't actually ever have to confirm with evidence that he had done that?

    She told them he was, and they didn't seem to bother.

    Which to me is dodgy for obvious reasons, she could have been lying! I think the council tax bill is the most simplest to sort out as proof but she was never asked to prove this. AND he moved back in 7 months later!
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    Well, she certainly should have been asked, but mistakes are naturally made by SFE, certainly. Wouldn't be the first time someone hadn't been asked for evidence.
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    I had to send off divorce papers as well as tax credits stuff, so ring them up and see what they ask for.
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    The tax credits info will only apply if the actual student is trying to prove they are divorced. For the parents, no - it's going to be one of these things.

    From the website: f you are married or living with a partner, you just need to let Student Finance England know this on the application. You don't need to send in evidence to prove it.

    But - if you are divorced or separated, you do need to submit evidence. You should submit one of the following:

    * divorce - Decree Nisi, Decree Absolute
    * dissolution of a civil partnership - civil partnership dissolution order
    * confirmation from a solicitor of your marital status
    * Council Tax bill showing the 25 per cent discount for single occupancy (as evidence that you are now separated)

    How much easier life would be if people actually properly read the guidance...
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    SFE should look at the body of evidence available and not just accept a letter from a solicitor. If you have older brothers or sisters you will not get single person occupancy on your council tax.

    You can send things like a tenancy agreement showing one name, tax credits showing single person claiming, a copy of the electoral register. proof of benefits claimed as a single parent

    If you are on a low income you cant afford to see a solicitor.
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    Hi, I have a very similar problem.
    My mum is single and I sent off a council tax letter as evidence - I can't afford a solicitor at the moment. A week ago they sent it back saying it wasn't enough evidence as the letter says she isn't a single occupant as she's living with me and I'm 18 so there's 2 adults. I would have thought this is obvious but they won't accept it I dont know what to do now could someone help me plz ??
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    My mum has had exactly the same problem and spent hours on the phone to Student Finance today. Eventually, after making a big fuss and crying down the phone, she was put through to a manager in Darlington and was told "rules is the rules".

    She had had her council tax bill returned. Although it stated 25% discount, it didn't say it was for single occupancy. When she queried this with the council tax people, they said it was because I'm 18, the 25% was a disregard.

    The whole thing is stupid. Most prospective students are 18, so obviously there will be two adults living in a single parent home.

    The council said they'd never heard anything so ridiculous and offered to ring or email Student Finance, but SF wouldn't give a direct phone number or email address. My mum asked them to ring the council, but they wouldn't do that, so she's got the council to write a letter explaining that she has single liability. She's going to pick the letter up on Monday and post it to SF.

    My mum is also going to write to our MP and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills complaining about the stupid situation. She's absolutely furious, not only with the stupid rule but also because SF have left it so long before informing her of the situation.

    If more people want to write to their MPs (or maybe we could write a joint letter) maybe something could be done in the future.
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    i am havinng similar problems my daughter cannot get her bursary because i cannot prove i am a single parent the house is rented in my daughters name so i have no mention on the council tax records she is 20 yrs old and been on job seekers for a year but i still beinnng told im finanncially responsible for her cos she is unnder 25 but i donnt get tax credits or child benefit for her anymore the system is pathetic she has started her course and we are struggling to pay the £33 a week travel annd food costs i cant afford it of a single persons jsa


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Updated: August 26, 2015
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