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    (Original post by cardigansandjeans)
    Really aki went? did you watch the one where they had to use the ingredients of the farmers and aki couldnt make up her mind what to cook as her dessert lol
    Yep, and then her brownies fell apart cos someone changed the temp of the oven!

    TBH I'm not surprised it was her who went, just gunna miss her funny facial expressions!
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    (Original post by LTC1409)
    Yep, and then her brownies fell apart cos someone changed the temp of the oven!

    TBH I'm not surprised it was her who went, just gunna miss her funny facial expressions!
    hahaha yes very true lol
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    Anyone watch? I'm now thinking Shelina is in with a good shout of winning, and reckon Jay will be the next to go, which is a shame cos I like him.
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    Anyone but Andrew. There's something about Andrew that just really annoys me.
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    I think Shelina or Tom will win, I dislike Shelina, so I'm rooting for Tom! I love how experimenta his food is
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    Ah Andrew talking about his wife and son (I think it was a son) last night. *TOO EMOTIONAL*

    Am now thinking Shelina will win unless she majorly mucks up next week.
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    Tom's my pick to win, he's cooked the most stuff that I'd want to eat.
    Not sure how Jay made it this far really.

    I've also rewatched Heston Blumenthal on Masterchef Australia this week, holy christ I want one of those burgers!
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    Anyone else watch yesterday? Oh Tom and his undercooked fish!

    I also thought the guy who mentored Andrew was very odd, getting his inspiration from a field with barbed wire or something!
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    Looking forward to see who wins this, I think it might be Shelina, but I'm rooting for Andrew, I loved how his face just lit up when they praised his venison dish!
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    I'd like Andrew to win, though I reckon Shelina will.

    Also, J and G went into some serious raptures about the food. "The way it comes at you in waves and, boom, starts to explode in your mouth, and it just keeps coming and coming and coming". John, you sexual deviant.
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    Shelina to win! I think she will... Gregg has given her some compliments he's snever given out before!
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    Also thinking Shelina will win as she seems to of been pretty much faultless the whole way through.

    Did route (might be the wrong spelling there) for Andrew at the beginning, but now I'm not too fussed about who wins.
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    Pleased about the winner :bigsmile:
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    It was fairly obvious Shelina was going to win.

    If only Andrew hadn't put the strawberry on his plate!

    So glad The Apprentice is starting as that'll now fill the void in my TV watching schedule which Masterchef has left!
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    Awww it was really obvious that Sheline would win because they both liked her! I wanted Andrew or Tom to win but oh well, she was a good cook.
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    are you guys talking about Masterchef UK? I've never seen it, Im actually watching Masterchef Australia right now.
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    I really want the Asian guy to win.
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    (Original post by K the Failure)
    I really want the Asian guy to win.
    It's all about Rukmini vs James (dentist)

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Updated: April 9, 2013
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