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Anti-Procrastination Software

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    Here's the thing- I have a MAJOR problem with procrastination- I just can't seem to concentrate on work. Anyway I've discovered the Pomodoro technique- which basically means you have a short period of work e.g. 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break and repeat until the work is done.

    I know theres several applications which provide timers etc. for work/breaks, but is there software which does this as well as completely blocking access to the web etc. during the work times?
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    I think it's called a pair of scissors to your ethernet cable
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    I use the Pomodoro Technique, although i've got it down to 5 mins work followed by a 15 minute break :thumbsup:
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    I doubt there would be software to do that, but you could always get someone else to check up on what you're doing when your working. That usually works for me.
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    Going to the library might work better. Or you could just change your wireless password/remove ethernet cable as suggested above

    (Original post by Refrigerator)
    I think it's called a pair of scissors to your ethernet cable
    Nice avatar :ahee:
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    Leechblock add on - it blocks the website you specify after a certain amount of time.

    Has saved countless hours
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    (Original post by lee.hannah)
    I use the Pomodoro Technique, although i've got it down to 5 mins work followed by a 15 minute break :thumbsup:
    Better than me, I went as far as buying the egg timer, that was it.
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    chrome have an extension called stayfocused where you can block all websites for an hour or so using the nuclear option
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    You can use to block Facebook.


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Updated: April 22, 2011
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