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Marks and Spencers Trainee Management Scheme 2011

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    (Original post by mark_a)
    how long after your application was sent did you get a reply? btw, 25 mins for the numerical test is joke, the questions were reasonable but the time limit was ridiculous
    Haha, I study maths at Oxford and that numerical test gets my blood pressure up more than exams do. The test is a joke - you're right, none of my partner's managers would be able to do well on that test in the time limit.
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    Anyone else heard back? My store told me they recieved an email about me applying, but heard nothing else back about my numerical test results.
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    (Original post by mark_a)
    Anyone else heard back? My store told me they recieved an email about me applying, but heard nothing else back about my numerical test results.
    No, although we did receive an email saying not to hear back until applications have closed and they've created a benchmark.
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    I never got that email, but got a thing on the site saying pretty much that. Ah well, guess we will have to wait until 8th June.
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    Just about to start completing my application now, looks a really good scheme but I'm worried about these online tests, anyone got any tips?
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    Since I work at Marks and Spencer, some of the questions will be easier to me than they are to others who do not. For the talent screener, I would advise you have make sure you think through your answers, putting yourself in a managers shoes, thinking about what the best manager would do in that situtation. For the reading test, its pretty basic. However, make sure you do the practice questions for the numerical test, as they prepare you (granted not a lot) for the real thing.
    Good luck mate
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    HI EVERYONE! i have recently applied for the trainee management scheme at M&s and have completed the verbal and the next one is the numerical! i applied for the Tesco one a little while ago and failed because of the numerical one. i was just wondering how hard this one actually is and if there are any tips that can be given.
    thank you!!!
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    Any news from anyone?
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    My status is "Your application is now complete" so looks like their still reviewing applications.
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    I received my email on the 13th inviting me to an assessment day on Monday 25th at Peterborough - is anyone else doing this? I also have to do my OPQ test asap for the assessment day.

    Do any previous applicants have any advice for the assessment day, or any tips on what to prepare? The document attached to the email is fairly vague on what we are being asked to do.
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    Im having trouble reviewing my status at all, and only have the email about 3 weeks ago saying my application is complete and that i have to wait until the closing date has passed to hear whether ive been successful or not. Ive emailed them about my problem, hopefully that will clear things up
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    Still showing as "application complete" and that line mangers are reviewing applications. Perhaps they're working through it depending on which assessment store you selected on the application.
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    I had my assessment today, if anything a very interesting and well structured, but extremely nerve-wracking and tiring day!

    Really hoping for a positive outcome, but like most things you never know, it's difficult to make a judgement of how you got on with each task, apart from perhaps the interview. The chair of the board of assessor's said that this year there were 13000 applicants, there are six assessment centre's over the next week or so, with 8 - 10 in each group...However, there are only 10 JOBS!

    The odds are a little low to say the least, so good luck to all!
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    Marks and spencer is a ******** company .and very racist .they don't give the jobs to right people who are really serious about the job and are willing to work longer for the company Instaed they give it to those who leave the company in few months time when they get hired with the high position with no experience and no back ground about retail .thats the truth
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    I worked for m n s for 5 years now I'm leaving as I have been promised higher position still no signs of it till today even tho I have been manager in other retail company .i have been treated like **** .very racist I'm sorry


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