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Hate evaluation points! Anyone doing AQA PSYCHOLOGY B .. Need notes for PSYB1?

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    Hey.. anyone have tips for how to remember case studies or evaluation points for psychology.. & doing exams on 24th May i thiink? I have some brief notes if anyone needs them... !
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    Im doing Spec B now, but at A2. Generally visualisation helps alot in order to remember studies. So for example i remember the difference between Maslow and Rogers (humanstic approach), using techniques that involve linking and visualisation

    Maslow--memory links to the word -"lesbo"--which links to a visual image that i made of nude lesbians making a human pyramid-- links to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

    You can make your own pictures to remember things. Ask if you need any eval points
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    Oh... okay hahah! yeah thats a nice way of remmebering it.. think i will for the exam! hope humanistic or sumat comes up coz i hate BIOL approach! .. and thank you' i kinda have eval points but hard to remember so many things
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    It might be easier if you sort your evaluation points, not into perspectives, but into something more general which you can use for any perspective.

    For example:
    Evaluation in terms of Comparing Approaches
    nature/nurture------------------give examples how for all three. I.e. reductionist because everything is explained in terms of neurotransmitters.

    How does another perspective explain a similar phenomenon?
    Which explanation may be better?

    Is it scientific?
    Is there much evidence? (these two are linked)

    to be honest its hard to make these things into pictures. visualisation is better for remembering names and such
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    Any quick notes for a2 psychology b?


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