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A-Level English Literature Reading List.

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    I know there are some threads on here somewhere on the same topic but I really cannot be bothered to search through thousands of posts so yeah...

    I would be eternally grateful to anyone that could help me out by posting a list of books that I might end up studying at AS/A2 Level English Literature. A full list would be preferred.

    Thank you
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    Just ask the English teachers. They'll tell you exactly which one you'll be studying =]
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    Im sure its sometimes different for different schools but mine are:

    Novels: Brighton Rock and A Clockwork Orange

    Poems: Collection from The Rattle Bag

    Play: Hamlet and Revenger's Tragedy.

    For A2:

    Novels: The Great Gatsby and Captain Corelli's Mandolin


    Play: Othello
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    mine are: Othello, The Great Gatsby, Street-car named Desire and Enduring Love.
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    (Original post by Blue November)
    Just ask the English teachers. They'll tell you exactly which one you'll be studying =]
    I've only just applied for college... so I'm not exactly sure who my teachers are or what exam board I'll be studying for :/

    I just want to do some background/wider reading to get a head-start ready for September.
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    Mine are The Great Gatsby, the Ancient Mariner, the Kite Runner, and Hardy poetry. Also Hamlet and Saved by Edward bond for Coursework... AQA AS
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    Highly likely you'll be doing some Shakespeare, but you won't find out the detailed reading list until Sep.

    In AS I did 'The Struggle for Modern Identity':
    Things fall apart
    The World's wife
    The Color Purple
    Top Girls
    Angels in America
    Auden poetry

    In A2 I did: 'Love through the ages':
    A streetcar named desire
    The Great Gatsby
    Notes on a Scandal
    Robert Browning poetry
    And an anthology made up of love poetry spanning a few centuries.
    Plus a whole load of random extracts from books/plays/poems for wider reading.
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    At AS Level:

    The Great Gatsby
    The Kite Runner
    Death of a Salesman
    The Poems of Robert Browning

    At A2 Level:

    Dr Faustus
    The Bloody Chamber
    The Handmaid's Tale
    The Feminist Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy
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    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
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    Yeah, I wanted to do the same when I applied to a different school for 6th form. Give the college a ring and they should be able to give you some sort of info.
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    Depends what period of literature you're studying at A Level.

    With AQA your teacher can pick whether you do Victorian or Modern literature. but at A2 the theme is books about love and that's what everyone does.

    In L6 I did Victorian...
    Jane Eyre
    Silas Marner
    Poetry of Emily Dickinson
    Poetry of Thomas Hardy
    Mrs Warren's Profession
    A Woman of No Importance
    Oliver Twist
    Wuthering Heights

    In U6 I did
    Canterbury Tales
    Poetry of John Donne

    But we were told to read widely around the theme and not just concentrate on the books we were doing in class.
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    I have just started a poetry channel on youtube for AS/A level Literature students...I am willing to take video requests to help you with poetry and text analysis channel name: poetryhelp101
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    mine's completely different
    we had coursework for :Journey's End and Regeneration
    and the exam we've got The Picture of Dorian Gray and Yeats poetry.
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    The English teacher gave us the reading list on the college taster day. I'm doing The Picture of Dorian Gray, Nine Horses, A Streetcar named Desire and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. OCR.
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    (Original post by lbcharlotte1994)
    mine's completely different
    we had coursework for :Journey's End and Regeneration
    and the exam we've got The Picture of Dorian Gray and Yeats poetry.
    Ah finally someone doing te same books, or was doing


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