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C2 June 2011 Edexcel - Paper and Solutions in the FIRST post.

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    Revision thread for the C2 Jan paper.

    This is taken from the June 11 thread but has all the attachments you will find useful. I will put back up the June paper and model answers in the week of the Jan exam. I have taken them down as they may be used for mock exams.


    I will be happy to remove any content I have uploaded if requested by site admin

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    Grade Boundaries and more model answers

    Session	100'	90'	80'	70'	60'	50'	40'
    Jan-05	75	69	62	54	46	38	31
    Jun-05	75	68	60	52	44	36	28
    Jan-06	75	70	64	56	48	40	33
    Jun-06	75	71	67	59	51	43	36
    Jan-07	75	69	62	53	44	35	27
    Jun-07	75	67	59	50	42	34	26
    Jan-08	75	69	62	53	45	37	29
    Jun-08	75	69	63	54	45	36	27
    Jan-09	75	66	57	48	39	30	22
    Jun-09	69	61	53	45	38	31	24
    Jan-10	68	61	54	47	40	33	27
    Jun-10	75	69	62	54	46	38	30
    Jan-11	75	70	65	57	50	43	36
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  3. File Type: pdf 05 Jan C2 model.pdf (292.2 KB, 1356 views)
  4. File Type: pdf 05 June C2 model.pdf (298.2 KB, 939 views)
  5. File Type: pdf 06 Jan C2 model.pdf (304.5 KB, 642 views)
  6. File Type: pdf 06 June C2 model.pdf (562.3 KB, 980 views)
  7. File Type: pdf mock C2 Model.pdf (920.2 KB, 1196 views)
  8. File Type: pdf 11 Jan C2 Model red.pdf (409.7 KB, 3581 views)
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    More Model answers
    Attached Files
  10. File Type: pdf 09 Jan C2 Model.pdf (348.1 KB, 961 views)
  11. File Type: pdf 08 June C2 model.pdf (312.6 KB, 702 views)
  12. File Type: pdf 08 Jan C2 model.pdf (318.3 KB, 528 views)
  13. File Type: pdf 07 June C2 model.pdf (558.7 KB, 584 views)
  14. File Type: pdf 07 Jan C2 model.pdf (563.0 KB, 584 views)
  15. File Type: pdf 09 June C2 Model Solutions.pdf (820.9 KB, 876 views)
  16. File Type: pdf 10 C2 June Solutions.pdf (917.3 KB, 2565 views)
  17. File Type: pdf 10 Jan Model Solutions.pdf (563.3 KB, 1030 views)
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    Time to kill c2
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    (Original post by Extricated)
    Time to kill c2
    the same way i killed it solely
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    Model answers
    Thank you
    (+ve rating)
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    Revision thread for the C2 June paper.

    I will upload the solutions to the actual exam, the day after the exam.

    I will upload some past papers and my model answers

    I will also post some tips as they occur to me and answer any questions

    Good luck in the exam
    hey could you please post some last min revision tips and key stuff 2 remember for c2cheers
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    Attached Files
  23. File Type: docx 00 C2 MOCK TO JUNE 10.docx (270.3 KB, 16287 views)
  24. File Type: doc C2 specimen compact version.doc (69.0 KB, 952 views)
  25. File Type: doc C2 Practice Papers 1-4.doc (126.5 KB, 2583 views)
  26. File Type: doc C2 Practice Paper 5.doc (48.5 KB, 813 views)
  27. File Type: doc C2 Practice Paper B1.doc (294.5 KB, 1271 views)
  28. File Type: doc C2 Practice Paper B2.doc (289.0 KB, 1045 views)
  29. File Type: doc C2 Practice Paper B3.doc (290.5 KB, 1012 views)
  30. File Type: doc C2 Practice Paper B4.doc (285.0 KB, 984 views)
  31. File Type: doc C2 Practice Paper B5.doc (294.0 KB, 973 views)
  32. File Type: doc 11 Jan.doc (61.0 KB, 2154 views)
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    factor theorem and remainder theorem are basically the same thing

    if / (x+a) sub in -a whatever the answer is, is the remainder, if this is zero then x+a is a factor.

    Learn the box method for dividing, it is so much better than the long division method taught in the text book.

    If you have trouble factorising quadratics, or cubics buy the 991es as this will do it for you.
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    Binomial Expansion

    Learn how to use the' binomial expansion (1+x)^n that is in the formulae book, the majority of questions in the exam are of this form.

    (a+b)^n is fine but takes longer and is easier to make errors using it.
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    Most importantly, and this may seem obvious, but if the diagram isn't drawn, DRAW IT. It really helps your understanding of the problem.

    (x-a)^2 + (y-b)^2 = r^2'

    learn this as it isn't given.

    Don't learn the formulae for working out length of line etc just draw a triangle.

    Learn how to go from x^2 + y^2 + ax + bx = c into equation of a circle using completing the square.
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    learn your log rules, if you do this will be one of the easiest questions on the paper

    log a + log b = log ab

    log a - log b = log a/b

    log a^b = b log a

    log 1/a = - log a

    the change of base one is given and it has never been needed in the exam
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    Trap rule

    use table function on calc to fill in the gaps

    h is the jump in the first row of the table

    this should be the easiest question on the paper.
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    This is the topic that causes most difficulty with candidates.

    If you do not completely understand radians, simply do everything in degrees and then convert your final answer into radians (if required) by simply putting pi after each answer and dividing each answer by 180.

    I personally do not like CAST method, I much prefer candidates to find other angles which satisfy the equation by sketching the graph of sin or cos.

    Use your calc to find the first angle

    if sin, subtract from 180 to find the second angle
    if cos, subtract from 360 to find second angle

    all other angles can be found by adding and subtracting multiples of 360 to these to initial angles.

    tan is very easy to work with, just add and subtract multiples of 180.
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    Trig identities

    you only need to learn two so LEARN them

    sin^2 + cos^2 = 1

    sin/cos = tan
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    Sectors and Triangles


    arc = rA
    area = 0.5r^2A
    1A radian is the angle required so that arc = r
    1A radian = 180 degrees


    cosine rule is given but learn the rearranged form to find angles

    cos A = (b^2 + c^2 - a^2)/(2bc)

    a must be opposite A, ignore letters given in question

    area = 0.5ab Sin C

    a and b must meet at angle C
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    Integration - get a 991es to check, but only use it to check, you must show all your working
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    This should be a pretty easy question as they are all very similar in the past papers.

    As soon as you read the word maximum or minimum you know it is a differentiation question

    differentiate the given equation

    set it equal to zero and solve, sub this back in to the original equation to find the maximum or minimum value.

    differentiate again and sub back in the value that you substituted into the formula.

    if this is positive, it is a minimum (positive people smile!)
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    where would we be without you Arsey!
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    I saw your M1 thread and was about to ask if you could do a C2 one, but here it is..

    I officially LOVE you..
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