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Physiotherapy dissertation

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    Hello all

    I've been thinking of a few dissertation ideas, I want something different, so I have decided to write about "students perceptions of clinical educators on placement" - just wanted opinions on whether this would be a good topic to talk about?
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    sounds familiar, my girlfriend is looking into student perceptions of clinical educators feedback. It may be worth, to begin looking into the research around this area, and see what is out there, also speak to uni lecturers into their views into this topic

    what course are you on?
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    I searched for many articles, I didn't find any simillar, I'm still going to have a think about it but it's definitely one i'm interested in. I'm studying Physiotherapy.
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    It sounds interesting.... how do you propose to research it and what is the point of researching it (i.e. what impact will the results have?).

    Definitely sounds like it will be more difficult than looking at xxx exercise on xxx condition, remember that as a simple but well designed study will get you better marks.
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    hmmmmmmmmm...I know what you mean. The reason why I picked something different was because EVERYBODY talks about the usual xxx exercise on xxx condition and I wanted something different but I know it's going to be difficult and not even sure if I have enough to say to make up 5,000 words, I'm still thinking about it though, I have a month to decide what I want to do.
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    I'd be interested to see your findings, I agree with the point about looking at existing evidence
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    I'm on a dietetics degree and my friend did something similar - somehting to do with placement evaluation. I think it was a pilot study to produce new feedback forms.

    Whatever you do, it has to be something you are really interested in though, because the dissertation is so time consuming. Mostly enjoyable, but a sh*tload of work!


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