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Male - Bleeding after masterbating, normal? (warning- kinda graphic)

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    If I wasn't watching porn, and was just masterbating in the bathroom. I don't think I would be bleeding. I think what caused it, was friction with my jeans and use of tissues.

    I might be wrong, not too sure.
    So you where ****ing inside you're jeans? Was it a public place? :zomg: :teehee:
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    Give your dick a break for a few days, and the bleeding should stop soon. If not, go see your GP.
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    OP, you were ****ing inside your jeans? Awkward question, but do you have a tiny penis? I didn't think that was possible :zomg:
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    Thats put me off my plans tonight
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    Reduce your pleasuring speed from over 9000 to just under 10.
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    my god i think thats a sign to stop the vigorous masturbation OP.
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    This happened to me years ago!
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    (Original post by wilhazzz)
    This happened to me years ago!
    This thread's from years ago.....


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Updated: November 9, 2014
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