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Rate my body. (PICS)

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    Didn't you already start this thread 1 week ago? :curious:
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    (Original post by xEndeavors)
    Didn't you already start this thread 1 week ago? :curious:
    Hey, I'm just curious!
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    Loving the groovy pose in the second pic!

    If it really matter, 5/6 out of 10, pretty average!

    EDIT - you look better in that other thread, wear those clothes.

    May as well repeat what I said last time. Not fat, not thin, rather large ass!
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    6.5 = average in a good way
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    Average indeed.
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    wow, if you're only getting 6's. no hope for me
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    Need a close up of dat ass.

    Rating would be pointless with out it.
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    You wouldn't turn any heads, but your body wouldn't put most guys off; if you are concerned about male attention.

    From a girl's perspective: thing you can change right now is your posture, you stand slightly hunched forward right now, push your shoulders back. Also, don't wear jeans like that, they are too low cut and are hardly flattering on anyone. You could lose some weight if you'd want to: you'd have an awesome body if you'd lose a couple kilos.

    6.5 potential for like an 8.
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    problem is, you're going to be compared to other women when being rated, and a rating by comparison isn't what you should judge your happiness/satisfaction with yourself on tbh. are you unhappy with your body? if so, do something to change it. i know it's not nice being told you're chubby (trust me, someone said it to me earlier and i went and made a thread about it lol), but you need to put these insensitive comments out of your mind and focus on the practicalities - if you wish to lose weight, you can do it. focusing on what other people think about your body won't get you very far, you'll just remain in a state of insecurity and possibly self hatred. why waste energy on all that psychological bull****
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    I love your body~
    a little chubby but in a cute way~
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    You're fine.
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    (Original post by I.LOVE.CAKE)
    Hey, I'm just curious!
    You already got all the answered you needed in your last thread. Why post another?
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    came in expecting a fattie from 'ilovecake'... not as bad as i thought. 5/10
    lose some fat n you will have a great figure
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    I'll be completely honest and say that by blanking out your face, you've made any rating pointless.
    A girl with a gorgeous face with a chubby body is still gorgeous. A girl with an ugly face but with a supermodel body is still ugly. I remember seeing a tv show were a part of it was when they joked around by replacing the face in a picture of an ugly girl with a hot girl - suddenly the ugly girl's body was hot, because it was accompanied by the hot face.

    Also here's a little tip, when people say things like 'no your not chubby at all' or 'not fat not thin', it means your fat. If you weren't then we wouldn't even be bringing the topic of weight up at all.

    Rating? Well from waist up I'd say 6/10. Waist bottom brings your 6/10 to 4/10. If I met you I'd tap you, but as for girlfriend material I'd have to pass - my mum hates fat chicks, I don't want to disappoint my dad, and I don't want to be embarrassed in front of my mates.
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    Tits or gtfo
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    That is one creepy mask on the wall.


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