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An Inspector Calls-English Literature Exam WJEC

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    I saw this question in a past paper:
    'To what extent is 'An Inspector Calls' a good title?'
    What could I say to answer the question?, because all I can think of is that there is an Inspector, who calls, which clearly isn't worth 20 marks.
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    All I can say to help you is read into the words more !! Like for instance... Inpector could mean that he is going to find the truth. Which could in turn lead us to believe that the Birling's and Gerald are hiding something You see what I mean ??
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    Inspector - connotations, nature of an inspector, question of why an inspector is even involved \Rightarrow mystery/murder/suspense?

    An inspector - why is it a solo effort; is there something special about this one inspector?

    My two pence at 9:44 in the morning.
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    ok i did an inspector calls 7 years ago for my gcse paper:

    I got an A* for this paper so might be able to give some shiz.

    why is it a good title?: as above, an inspector is somebody who can find out the truth, and this is an incredibly unthruthful family (at least, they are not in the least open to each other at all).

    Does the inspector stand for somebody else? Is he a metaphor for a godlike, omnipotent creature, who is always watching the way we act within society?

    Is it ironic that he is 'calling' now? This would lead you to question as to why he was now calling despite the fact that he has clearly been aware of this families actions for years. Why is he calling now? What is the tipping point?

    Just think outside the box and don't forget to analyse the words in teh title n teh first paragraph.

    good luck.
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    The inspector is not just a policeman (maybe not one at all) but a inspector of this family's attitudes, morals and the wider society in which they live.
    Calls - sounds like a social occasion of 'calling by' but the niceties of the title soon give way to exposing hypocrisy of Victorian society instead. Could probably look at the role of the telephone and the twist in the ending - begins and ends with an inspector calling.
    Obviously you can also examine how it's not a good title.
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    What an awful question.
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    Just talk about the character of the inspector and his contribution to the play as a whole. But remember to keep linking what you say to the question.

    It's a difficult question, but if you saw it on a past paper, at least that means it won't be on the actual exam this Monday.
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    Great, thanks everyone :-)
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    guys im doing English gcse exam soon about of mice&men and an inspector calls can you give me any facts and skills to start my piece of writing


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