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D1 EDEXCEL -> 20th MAY 2011 EXAM THREAD+Paper & Solutions in 1st Post

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    Discuss your problems, exam is in 10 days! Gd luck all!

    Exam paper is below:

    Credit goes to lollollollollol (page 26)


    Solutions are up

    Credit goes to saundersrants (page 29)

    D1 MAY 2011 SOLUTIONS.pdf

    Alternate solutions

    Credit goes to Gibbo81 (page 34)

    May 2011 Model Answers.pdf

    this paper was similar to june 2008 or jan 2008, one of them

    6689 D1 Jan-08 71 64 57 50 43 36 29
    6689 D1 Jun-08 72 65 58 51 44 37 30
    6689 D1 Jan-09 75 70 64 57 50 43 37
    6689 D1 Jun-09 75 69 63 56 50 44 38
    6689 D1 Jan-10 75 71 67 61 55 49 44
    6689 D1 Jun-10 73 67 61 55 49 43 38
    Attached Files
  2. File Type: pdf D1 MAY 2011 SOLUTIONS.pdf (137.2 KB, 3234 views)
  3. File Type: pdf May 2011 Model Answers.pdf (701.1 KB, 1596 views)
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    scheduling diagram when x workers available isgiving me trouble.any hints or advice ?
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    Critical path analysis! Its the reason why I'm resitting :mad:! Apart from that D1 exams are fine. Good luck to everyone
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    (Original post by benboban)
    scheduling diagram when x workers available isgiving me trouble.any hints or advice ?
    i find it always helps to draw a gantt chart before hand
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    (Original post by ajayhp)
    i find it always helps to draw a gantt chart before hand
    But you do have to be quite quick!
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    (Original post by Heero_1)
    But you do have to be quite quick!
    That's why the exam will often include a question asking you to draw a cascade graph to ensure you don't waste time for few extra marks.
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    (Original post by benboban)
    scheduling diagram when x workers available isgiving me trouble.any hints or advice ?
    Best thing to do is write out the critical path as the first worker's schedule then fill in the other tasks using extra workers.
    Finally go back over and check that you haven't scheduled any tasks to start before their dependent tasks have finished.
    With a bit of practice it is not necessary to draw a Gantt Chart.
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    D1 is exam that you can make alot of careless mistakes in, so advise to work slowly and re-check again
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    The grade boundaries are pathetically high. Probably because not many people choose to do it. Agree though, critical path analysis will be the death of me. If I'm asked to draw a Gantt Chart, I will cry
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    You can make the most stupid mistakes on this exam i got a D and have to resit.. Although it is probably one of my most easiest subjects and everything i very simple.. I'm really worried i'm going to mess up in the same way as i did in jan..
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    yh hopefully they tell us to draw a gantt chart then schedule
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    just got 98% on the edexcel sample assesment paper..I'm soo ready for this exam:sexface:
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    I've dossed off in this subject all year and I actually can't do CPA or bloody linear programming ... I also don't really know what you're meant to put when they ask you what a flow chart achieves. Provided I don't make idiotic mistakes (highly likely for me) I should end up with a C/B :/
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    waht topics do u think will come up:

    alogoritms are likely to come up havent seen them since last year
    and then the ususals
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    I reckon a flow chart type algorithm question will come up, I hope grade boundaries are not as high as usual, really need 90+ UMS but it is easy to drop marks by not checking calculations properly.
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    remember guys and gals always show your method of how you obtained your answer. As D1 really concentrates on method marks
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    I think I'm more or less ready with the exception of linear programming but that is my revision plan for today. Other than that I can do most things although scheduling and drawing from precedence tables take me a couple of trys.
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    I got a C in January and i just hope i dont do any stupid mistakes this time round. D1 is actually very simple apart from when sometimes you have the route inspection and i think in January they asked some akward question that wasn't the usual ' u can start from any two vertices' but somehow different. I can't really remember now but that definately cost me some marks!
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    linear programming is driving me up the wall, i just find it impossible to get all the constraints from a block of text. i like numbers, not words :colonhash:
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    Just sent these to fudgezilla but should be useful for everyone =)


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