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Wearing a dead person's clothes - bad luck?

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    As the question says. Is it wrong/weird to wear clothes that belonged to someone who has passed away, even if its to remember them etc?

    Edit: ok not bad luck. But would it be considered weird??
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    I don't think so. I mean, they don't need them any more, so why not make use of them or give them to charity?
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    I think wearing a dead person's clothes in order to remember them would constitute the "weird", tbh.
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    I don't think so. I'd imagine some stuff people buy from charity shops will have belonged to someone who is now dead.
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    I'd keep the stuff but wouldn't wear it...that would be too weird.
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    What if they become a zombie?
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    Surely it's enough just to keep them, why would you want to wear them??
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    I honestly don't think it's wierd. It's a nice way of having their memory continue on even after they are gone in my opinion. Never heard of any superstitions or anything about it either...
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    Maybe a bit weird if you knew them, but many who wear vintage clothes are wearing clothing which belonged to someone who is now dead.
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    They will come back to haunt you in your sleep!
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    Keep them in closet like he did

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    I don't think its bad luck. Other than maybe a piece of jewellery I wouldn't wear one though.
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    Not at all. After my nan passed away, my mum gave me some of her nice jumpers- they're lovely and warm.

    We would have thrown them away otherwise, and I'm sure my nan would prefer that someone gets some use out of them!
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    (Original post by zjs)
    I think wearing a dead person's clothes in order to remember them would constitute the "weird", tbh.
    I didn't mean it like that. More for comfort and reassurance or whatever.
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    Don't think so, charity shops sometimes get donations of clothes belonging to people who died recently.
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    I wear my grandads jumper, I havn't got any bad luck
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    I would creep me out a little, I think.
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    One of my friends once made a cake and said "The jam in this is the last my grandma made." Completely freaked me out and I refused to eat a dead woman's jam. Wearing clothes of someone who has died is less weird than that.


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Updated: May 14, 2011
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