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    60kg - 1x3 PR

    Close-grip bench
    72.5kg - 1x12, 2x11

    DB Bench (paused)
    30kg - 1x13, 1x10, 1x11

    BB Row
    70kg - 3x10

    Towel Pull-ups

    Side Raises superset w/ curls

    Good session. Progress on pretty much everything. Decided to do close-grip bench instead of normal/wide-grip; just to push my triceps more really. Did better than last week when I was using normal grip which I guess is pretty good.
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    Wow, strong squatting Michael. If you keep going like this I'll have to eat my words about squat volume. Nice work
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    (Original post by Adidas90)
    Wow, strong squatting Michael. If you keep going like this I'll have to eat my words about squat volume. Nice work

    I think that I could have possibly seen better results if I do Broz-style routine, for example, but I'm not sure how fun that would be for me. As I've said before, I enjoy just really pushing it hard on one big set and killing myself to get the reps.
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    165kg - 1x1

    Weak. Left right after that. Felt super annoyed and still feed disappointed with myself. I actually put on 170kg right after and was thinking for a while to go for it as it would be only thing to really cheer me up but I decided against it.

    My knees are feeling incredibly ****. Bought the knee sleeves and foam roller but I don't know when they'll come. Hopefully before next squat day.
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    Nice and concise writeup there. The 1x1 doesn't add much information though.
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    (Original post by redbuthotter)
    Nice and concise writeup there. The 1x1 doesn't add much information though.
    It means I worked up to that.

    No real point in putting the rest, they are all warm-ups essentially.
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    102.5kg - 1x2 PR

    20kg - 3x6

    Shoulder Press
    47.5kg - 3x8

    Wide: 1x10, 1x7
    Neutral: 1x10, 1x7
    Chins: 1x8, 1x7
    Wide: 1x1

    Hammer Curls

    Tricep Finisher

    Very, very good day. Nice change from the crappy squat day. 102.5x2 is a PR really because I've stopped bouncing it at all and doing it a lot stricter than before. Dips felt good and OHP felt good too. Also got 50 reps for pull-ups in less sets than last week so I think I might push it up to 55 reps now or something.

    Tricep finisher is from a video I saw of Dave Tate doing it - thought would be fun to try out. You first use a medicine ball on top of the assistance pull-up/dips bit and you do a tricep extension. Going for 100 reps, you can change grips when you fail to just holding on to the platform bit and so on.
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    185kg - 1x2

    Front Squat
    100kg - 3x3

    T-Bar Row

    Back Raises
    20kg - 1x15, 1x13, 1x12

    Hmm, kinda annoyed I only got 185x2 again. I was feeling okay today and when I did 160x2 it felt really good/easy so I was quite confident going into it. Need someone to have a look at my deadlift form. Blind Monk has said I do it quite stiff-legged, which I know, but it feels better/makes sense for me to do it that way. Kinda sucks having a partner who is weaker than you 'cause they can't exactly tell you what you're doing wrong.

    Tried to make up for it by going 100 for 3x3 on front squats. Quite tough really, on FS I've been going pretty much as low as I can as it feels better that way. Plus, I don't ATG squat so possibly some benefits of doing ATG on front squat - I dunno.
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    You should ATG squat man.
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    (Original post by GQ.)
    You should ATG squat man.
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    (Original post by Adidas90)
    Why not?
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    Lol its just a personal opinion. I have found squatting atg better and feels more natural for me anyway.
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    On squats I've tried it before and I'm not a fan. On front squats it feels a lot more natural though, so I'll stick to that for them.
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    62.5kg - 1x2 PR

    Close-grip Bench
    70kg - 1x12, 2x10

    DB Bench
    32kg - 3x9

    BB Row
    70kg - 3x12

    Side Raises superset w/ hammer curls

    Pretty happy with 62.5x2. Finally getting my OHP to half-decent levels although still quite a bit away from my bench. Little disappointed at close-grip bench, last week I got 12,11,11 and today only 12,10,10. Not sure why, just felt like I couldn't do it. Raised the weight on DB bench though and got quite a good 3x9 which I'm pretty happy about. BB rows were pretty good too, little momentum here and there but I don't think anything too bad that I need to stop doing it that way or anything.

    Finished it off with some side raises and hammer curls. Just going for a pump and pretty much going to failure on them.
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    Good job michael . Congrats on another PR!
    what's your plan during the meet... will you start with squats ?
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    (Original post by ibysaiyan)
    Good job michael . Congrats on another PR!
    what's your plan during the meet... will you start with squats ?
    To be honest I'll probably only max on squats.

    Possibly bench or deadlift as well, but doubt I'd max on all 3.
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    170kg - 1x1 PR
    175kg - 1xf

    Pretty happy to hit 170. I think it was pretty hard but that I had a little more in me. Went for 175kg but it wasn't gonna happen. I think that if I did 175 instead of 170 I may have got it but I didn't think I had 175 at all until I did 170 and it felt fairly good. Still, not gonna worry about that as it's a great PR and I'm really pleased with it.

    Messed around afterwards with some sumo deadlifts. I think it might work for me but I can't be sure. I did 150kg for a single and it was tough-ish and then 160kg wasn't even getting off the floor. However, this was after like 3 hours at the gym and I had eaten like 5-6 hours before that AND did a squat PR so I'm not too worried.

    Will try messing around with sumo in the future though and see how it feels. I think I got the technique alright so just need to do it on a better day when I'm more rested.
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    170 is damn nice. Vid?
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    also was this the london brahs meet ? any vids in general?
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    This was at the meet. I will have the vids up in a few days. I don't have the correct adaptor for my camera at home.


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