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    lol at the 28 reps, How do you count so high? For my DB incline presses I don't even count, close my eyes and rep out till I physically can't. Maybe I'm retarded but I find the act of counting to fatigue me slightly. Nice work btw.

    For anyone who cares hit a 90 x 5 x 5 bench today
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    (Original post by redbuthotter)
    lol at the 28 reps, How do you count so high? For my DB incline presses I don't even count, close my eyes and rep out till I physically can't. Maybe I'm retarded but I find the act of counting to fatigue me slightly. Nice work btw.

    For anyone who cares hit a 90 x 5 x 5 bench today
    There's a 99% chance it's not 28. I'm a terrible counter when it comes to high reps and always have my friend count. Still, I think it was 28 give or take a rep or two I suppose.

    I agree, I don't count when I have my training partner but as I said he didn't come today.

    Good job on bench.
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    DE Squat/Deadlift

    (Free) Squat
    100kg - 15x2

    Sumo Deadlift
    115kg - 4x1

    Conventional Deadlift
    115kg - 4x1

    Leg Press
    150kg - 3x18

    Lying Leg Curl
    4 - 3x15

    Goblet Squat
    38kg - 2x13

    Cable Abs
    60 - 3x15

    Decent session. Bought Converses on Friday so I wore them. Felt nice, a lot better than the crappy shoes I used to wear. They had very, very little grip was annoying but these feel nice.

    Just did machine work mainly for RE. I've got one more week of Accumulation phase I believe and then we can crank it up and move some heavy-ass weight! It feels nice to do some higher volume, isolation work though. Hamstrings were fried! I really need to focus on not just using a lot of momentum or contracting my calves. I dunno why, but when I do I just lose a lot of feeling in my hamstrings and feel like I'm not actually using hammies to do it.
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    The gastroc is involved in knee flexion. So just dorsiflex your ankle and that'll take it out of the movement.
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    (Original post by The Blind Monk)
    The gastroc is involved in knee flexion. So just dorsiflex your ankle and that'll take it out of the movement.
    Never has this gif been more applicable:

    English mother****er, do you speak it?

    (Original post by Tullia)
    Saw the thread title and assumed this was a Math question.
    LOL! xD
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    One of your calf muscles is involved in flexing your knee (leg curling.) You can stop it assisting your hamstrings by basically playing around with your foot position.


    See the hamstring curl picture in this article halfway down the first page.
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    Will try that. I just left my foot limp and I felt it quite a lot.
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    DE Bench

    65kg - 15x3

    DB Shoulder Press
    17.5kg - 6x14

    DB Row
    34kg - 2x20

    Wide Seated Row
    10 - 2x12
    8 - 2x14

    BW - 5x10

    Hammer curls superset w/ face pulls
    HC: 14kg - 2x12
    FP: 14.7kg - 2x18

    Shoulder Rehab

    Pretty good workout. I think I get a better workout without my training partner to be honest. Aside from Saturdays in which he is useful for spotting.

    Pretty happy with dips for 5x10 actually. Had a bit left in the tank I'd say but after everything before it that's not too bad.

    DB rows I went down so grip wasn't an issue. However going to 20 reps it did become an issue. I left it at 20 sets. It was painful as ****! Lower back was massively pumped and hurting. I love DB rows but I think it's useless trying to do them at my current gym. Will try to work out some alternatives that are similar to it.
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    ME Squat/Deadlift

    1 block (2") deadlift
    187.5kg - 1x4

    Olympic Squat
    100kg - 3x8

    One-legged leg extension
    25 - 3x14

    Lying leg curl
    5 - 2x15

    Back Raise
    BW - 3x28

    5kg - 2x15

    Cable Abs
    60 - 2x15

    Very, very happy with 187.5x4. I did 175x1 before that and it felt annoyingly slow and I got worried. The original plan was to go 190 and get a triple. 175 was slow so I went a bit lower but I'm certain I had 190x3 if I had done it. Music and getting pumped up help a tremendous amount.

    Decided to do some Oly squats. Didn't go crazy on them but it was a bit of a push I suppose. Felt nice and a lot of quad activation. Then just some other - back raises for that many reps is an absolute killer!
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    ME Bench

    Wide Pause Bench
    95kg - 1x4 PR

    Tricep Bar Skullcrushers
    20kg - 3x10, 1x9

    Neutral-Grip Incline DB Bench
    26kg - 2x12

    BW - 3x10, 1x9

    Wide Lat-Pulldowns
    10 - 2x13

    Machine Reverse Flyes superset w/ Side Raise
    MRF: 21 - 3x15
    SR: 8kg - 3x15

    Shoulder/pec rehab

    Really happy to hit PR but it was weird to say the least. I did the first rep but there was little if any pause which I noticed. I didn't really want to "cheat" so I then did 4 paused reps after that. Essentially made my life a WHOLE lot harder by doing that but I got it so, **** it, I'm happy.

    My pecs weren't feeling great so decided to give heavy DB bench a miss. Used the tricep bar for some skullcrushers. When I say 20kg I just mean 10kg each side. I tried to work out the weight of a tricep bar but I'm getting too many different numbers so it's pointless. Rest was good. Chins especially felt really good.

    This is final day of Accumulation phase so tomorrow begins the Intensification phase. Looking forward to it!
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    Intensification Phase

    DE Squat/Deadlift

    Below parallel, medium stance box squat
    90kg - 5x2
    95kg - 4x2

    120kg - 8x1

    Medium stance GM
    80kg - 3x10

    Leg Press
    170kg - 3x15

    Cable Abs
    65 - 2x12

    10kg - 2x8

    First day of intensification phase. Box squats are always pretty darn hard but I think I did well. Kept my knees out a lot and the speed was pretty good. Raised the weight on deadlifts by 5kg to 120kg. The speed was still very fast and I may slowly raise that more and more unless it slows down a lot.

    Decided to do some good mornings today. Pretty tough stuff, last rep or two in each set wasn't exactly perfect but I tried to do my best. Then wanted to do some quad work so did 3 sets of leg press. Nothing major although quads were on fire from it. Then some abs and done!
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    DE Bench

    65kg - 9x3

    Military Press
    50kg - 3x5

    Pendlay Row
    70kg - 3x10

    Chest-support row machine
    65 - 2x10

    10kg - 3x8

    Face Pulls
    17kg - 3x15

    EZ-bar curls
    26kg - 1x15, 2x12

    Shoulder/pec rehab

    My form for my bench was kinda poor today which annoyed me. My leg drive was just feeling really weird and out of place. Usually would have just warmed up a lot more but the queue for bench was stupidly long. Unfortunately meant I had to start earlier than I would have wanted or else I'd have to wait like 30-40 more minutes which I didn't want to do.

    The rest was really good though. Did military press which I haven't done for ages - fairly pleased with 50kg for 3x5. It's quite weak I think but I've never had an impressive OHP. Then tried out some pendlay rows. Felt strong on these so weight should rise fairly comfortably for a while. Some machine work too to get a nicer squeeze and more volume in. Dips were okay, didn't push it too much. Shoulder rehab work is just using cable machine for RC stuff and pec rehab is light DB flyes. At times my pecs feel quite tight so I'm hoping this will help recovery.
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    ME Squat/Deadlift

    Pause Squat
    165kg - 1x1 (PR, but easy-ish)
    170kg - 1x1 (PR)

    Romanian Deadlift
    130kg - 1x8
    140kg - 1x6

    Lying Leg Curl
    6 - 2x10

    Back Raises
    10kg - 3x12

    10kg - 2x9

    Cable Abs
    30.6kg - 2x15

    **** yeah! 170kg paused squat, couldn't be happier with that. Just felt like a very good day for squat. My form was almost perfect I felt and I just felt very strong. Initially the weights felt all so heavy but once I get into the zone with some music it all feels fine.

    Nowadays what I'm going to do is do the opposite movement (squat -> deadlift, deadlift -> squat) for a 6RM or so. I did 130kg but it was a bit too easy so went 140kg and hit a 6RM on it. Next week I'll do deadlift ME and then probably something like Oly squat for 6RM. Then just some posterior chain work - back raises were awkward because I used 10kg bar and it's weird putting that on your back by yourself and taking it off when you're tired. Then some abs and done.

    Also realised Aivi trains at the gym. I think the short-sighted Monk told me this one time but I forgot and then read his blog and remembered. Talked to her before, somewhat awkward in that I didn't know who she was before - anyway.
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    What the fuarck brah 170kg paused squat fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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    I was in so much impress by your performance that I didn't even reply.
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    Maybe all this speed and max effort crap actually works?
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    Give me your legs. NAO!
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    I think if I feel good I'll try max on normal squat in 2 weeks time. Try hit that 180kg. We'll see.
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    Well done!
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    Good one, man.


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