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    I've never done abs either. I know it's not a good thing, but I don't know if it's a bad thing.
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    ME Bench

    Medium-Grip Bench + bands
    70kg - 1x1

    Incline Bench
    70kg - 1x1


    DB Extensions

    Shoulder/Pec Rehab

    Nothing to say really - just a boring day. Used some bands in bench, felt different and fairly interesting.
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    Just thinking ahead to my training for this next cycle.

    I think I'm going to try keep it fairly basic and try not change RE work too much so I can get an idea of how that's progressing.

    Don't want to keep it too strict but I'm gonna try hit DB work quite a bit. One day incline, the other shoulder press. I would barbell incline but I did that today and it just didn't feel very nice on my shoulders. Haven't done them in a LONG time so that may be why but I'd rather not risk it. After that some back work. Will give Meadows Rows/one-arm barbell rows a go. Then some more tricep work - DB/cable extensions. Do a few sets of curlz. Then some upper-back work probably and that'd be it.

    For lower body this phase is a bit harder to do (Accumulation) because the idea is not to really use barbell stuff apart from main lift. Doesn't mean I can't but I think there might be some good to that. Maybe go against that a little with some dimel deadlifts/RDLs or good mornings though. After that probably machine work - leg curls etc.

    I know leg curls aren't the best for hamstrings but I'm still fairly weak at them. I'd imagine getting strong at the exercise should help a lot even if I'm only training a portion of my hamstrings. I guess some leg presses here and there too.

    Trying to keep it a little more structured really. I know it's all about the 3 lifts going up but assistance work is important to me because I feel they help a lot for my 3 lifts and, plus, I do care somewhat about size gains too.
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    Re: size gains do you care about/what bigger legs? Isn't it quite inconvenient already rocking 29"+?
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    (Original post by redbuthotter)
    Re: size gains do you care about/what bigger legs? Isn't it quite inconvenient already rocking 29"+?
    No I don't necessarily want bigger legs. But if doing volume on them will get me stronger then I will.

    To be honest it's an inconvenience mainly because I hold most of my fat in my thighs and ass. I mean there's a little muscle there, sure, but it's not like exactly like I'm IFBB pro bodybuilder status because I have 30" thighs.

    To add: After exams (when I'll have more time) I'm going to try somewhat cutting. To be fair I don't know if it's going to mean cutting or just a slower bulk but either way will want to incorporate some cardio. Also because, ****, it's rather healthy too.
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    Accumulation Phase

    DE Squat/Deadlift

    Box Jumps
    (Not counting but just did many)

    Parallel Box Squat
    90kg - 4x2
    80kg - 11x2

    120kg - 8x1

    Lying Leg Curl
    7 - 3x10

    Leg Press
    130kg - 1x20
    170kg - 1x15
    210kg - 1x10
    250kg - 1x10

    Cable Abs
    75 - 3x12

    I'm back, baby! So the plan is on DE days before the DE lift(s) I'm gonna do some plyometrics. So I did a bunch of box jumps. Not really bothered about counting height but I think about 30-35".

    Then started box squats. 90kg felt quite heavy. It didn't feel especially heavier today but I always just thought it was fine. Decided better focus more on speed and dropped it to 80kg. Felt nicer and more explosive. Then did deadlifts - felt fine and I think I may raise the weight next time.

    Decided to just do machine work for the rest. Lying leg curls pretty painful at that weight. Tried to keep rest to a minute max and get things done fairly quickly. Then did some leg pressing. The weights are a bit random because I was doing them with some other guys. I just did whatever they did and pushed myself to a decent amount of reps. Quads felt very pumped from this. Finished it off with some cable abs. I may change up how I do this; right now I let the weight deload and then start it from the beginning each rep. I've seen some videos in which that's not the case so may try it that way. Not exactly a massive difference but some variation.
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    DE Bench

    Incline Plyo Pushups

    65kg - 15x3

    Incline DB Press
    28kg - 1x12, 2x9
    20kg - 2x10

    Barbell T-Bar Row
    45kg - 3x12

    Machine Row
    55 - 3x10

    Cable Extensions
    60 - 1x15, 1x9, 1x7

    EZ Curls
    30kg - 2x8, 1x7

    Shoulder/Pec Prehab

    Great session. Bench press felt ****ing awesome and my form was on point. I think the plyo pushups beforehand help a little with being more explosive. Did them on incline so I don't have a ton of tricep pain. Then did some DB inclines - felt good - dropped weight down and got some more volume in.

    Then was planning on doing one-arm barbell rows but they feel rather awkward so I just did t-bar rows with the bar instead. I'm not a fan of these really but they work for many so I'm gonna try give them a good go and see. Used 45kg. No idea how good/bad that is though. Then some machine rows for extra volume.

    Was gonna do some machine reverse flyes but the machine sucks balls. Feels awkward as it feels like it's meant for people with longer arms so didn't bother with that.
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    my buddy always does plyos before his main lifts, nothing to extensive tho as in he does a little bit of box jumpin and push ups. apparently it gets the cns all fired up and ****.
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    Yes, well I mean you can get a bit complacent with bar speed if it's decent but not good. But if you do a plyo you gotta push hard or else you won't leave the ground or whatever so it just gets me into the groove of pushing explosively.
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    ME Squat/Deadlift

    Olympic Squat
    150kg - 1x6 PR

    Romanian Deadlift
    110kg - 1x15

    Sumo Deadlift
    150kg - 1x4

    Reverse Hyper
    15kg - 3x8


    Grip work

    Pretty pleased with 6 reps on 150kg. I was really expecting only a triple which shows how much faith I had in myself. Hadn't Oly squatted heavy apart from more recently for like 1.5 years - which was when I switched from high bar to low bar and that was at like 130kg for a few reps.

    Then did some max reps on 110kg RDLs - I lost count and I think it was 17 reps but I'll say 15 reps 'cause for sure hit that. Sumo deadlifts were for no real reason but I guess to do some kind of heavy-ish pull. Fairly easy. Failed 5th rep but honestly I'm certain I can do way more I just kinda ****ed up my form quite a bit. Then did some reverse hypers and abs. Reverse hypers are pretty damn hard!
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    Strong performance at the end xyz

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    Hahahahahaha! Xd
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    PRSOM. lol
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    Michael do you bench like that for your regular sets?
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    Been informed that it not you but redbuthotter benching, my bad...
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    Yes I was looking for where you asked this as I didn't bench.
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    ME Bench

    "Slingshot" Close-grip Bench
    100kg - 1x6 (PR)

    45kg - 2x8

    Wide Pull-ups (strict)
    BW - 5x5

    Close Chin-ups (strict)
    BW - 1x7, 1x5

    BW - 3x12

    Hammer Curls
    17kg - 1x8, 1x6
    10kg - 1x12

    Side Raises
    10kg - 2x10

    Shoulder/Pec Prehab

    Unfortunately at my old gym for the next few sessions as university gym closed for a week. Not a fan of the gym at all - the people there, the local area - just don't get a nice vibe from it.

    Anyway, I used the "slingshot" (NB: Not Mark Bell's Slingshot, this is from StrengthShop.co.uk but easier to just call it that) and it felt quite nice. Also used wrist wraps I bought recently for first time - also nice. I think on any day I probably would have 100kg for 3 on close-grip, maybe 4 on a good day. So the slingshot helped get me another 2 or 3 reps.

    Then went to OHP. I want to try hammer my OHP as it's pathetically weak. We'll see how it goes - I'm gonna follow somewhat Ed Coan's progression on these. Start at like 2x8, then just go down in reps and raise the weight. Not sure how exactly it'll work but any kind of pressing should be good.

    Then just did some strict pull-ups and chin-ups. Emphasis on strict - no momentum and all the way down. I think these were a bit poor today even with taking them very strict. Then did some dips. The place to do them is rather awkward which I think affected a little how many I could do but 3x12 isn't too bad.
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    if you want to get your press up, press more often- this is so true! got me from 40 to like 60 in a matter of 2 months or so.
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    For sure, but in the end I do want to compete in powerlifting not OHP competitions so there's a limit to how much I can train it without shoulder issues becoming a problem.
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    (Original post by redbuthotter)
    Strong performance at the end xyz

    these all TSR'ers?


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