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What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you in an exam?

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    I somehow managed to get a paper cut after the first ten minutes of my first AS History exam right where I rest my hand to write. Rather than asking for a tissue or plaster I instead panicked, just kept writing and ended up covering my entire exam paper in blood! Also because of the pain my handwriting (which is usually quite neat) became atrocious! Bad times
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    **** myself
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    i finished a 2 hour paper after 30mins so went to sleep

    an invigilator kicked me, and said youcant have finished, do more work


    and i got my crutch stuck in chair at the begining of an exam when i broke my leg, so i spent 1 hr making a massive sccene :X
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    (Original post by Limitless)
    I just say I'm writing a really really really long sentence.
    What? :confused:
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    Read the question wrong wrote a full page..and then realised.

    Questions like 'answer one of these questions 1) a, b, or c'

    I answered all three ...and ran out of time :/
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    - Year 9 SATs forgot I had my phone in my pocket and received a text message in the middle of the exam.

    - A level Biology had one minute left and found that two of the pages were stuck together.

    - Having the person sitting behind me crying through the exam.

    - Having the person sat next to me doing arm exercises during the exam.
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    (Original post by S_123)
    What? :confused:
    You are suppose to be allowed to finish your sentence off. So just make a really long sentence.
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    Taking a friend's phone for her and then realising that I also had an exam. (It was GCSE, I was young :o:) Completely forgot about it and only realised halfway through the exam... and they'd threatened to do bag searches. Scariest hour of my life :zomg:

    Oh, also at GCSE: having a hysterical laughing attack at the start of my French oral (I'd said I was 50 years old, hadn't realised until my teacher picked me up on it and for some reason found this incredibly funny). Made the teacher start laughing too and we had to stop the tape to recover.
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    A runny nose. For two hours.
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    Drinking too many energy drinks and ****ting myself in an exam. I thought it was a fart
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    (Original post by INeedToLoseWeight)
    Drinking too many energy drinks and ****ting myself in an exam. I thought it was a fart
    I thought it was safe Sir.
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    I can't think of anything at the moment...
    Answers here are too funny :lol:
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    It was before an exam, but this invigilator told us we couldn't use a calculator for our D1 further maths paper because it wasn't listed on the "materials needed" section at the front. It was DEFINITELY a calculator paper so I started arguing and eventually went to find our head of maths. The invigilator eventually came to find me saying she had made a mistake and we could use them but that I shouldn't have "stormed off" and needed to calm down
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    A migrain at the start of an exam!!! and someone sneezing behind me all the way through a 3hour exam. Actually too many to remember....I guess the worst thing is when my hand gets so sore that i cant continue writing but i know i have to or else i fail....so I had a sore wrist for 5 days after.

    person behind me kicking my chair
    supervisors walking about every 5 minutes!!
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    1. At the start of a GCSE exam a guy in the row next to me puked up everywhere - all over himself, his desk/ exam paper and the poor guy in front of him! He was taken out of the room but the guy in front had puke all over his back and his hair but was not allowed to leave! He was just told to remove his jumper and do the exam! The teachers were not allowed to open the windows because of external noise so we were sat doing an exam next to a desk full of puke and the smell was disgusting! I am not sure about you, but I have the worst gag reflex and it took all my strength to not puke also. But I think it was worse for the guy covered in puke!

    2. Also, not sure if this is true but a friend told me some guy masterbated during one of her exams...

    3. On the morning of my French GCSE exam someone rang saying there was a bomb in the school so everyone had to stay on the school field while the police etc searched the school. As it was morning exam, we had to walk to the secondary school near us to do the exam there! Not sure what other schools are like, but during exam times and random times we had around 3 bomb scares a year at my secondary school...

    4. Most recently the worst thing was running out of paper in my A2 English Literature exam and taking the examinar 10 mins to notice my hand was up!!!! I wanted to scream because By the time he strolled over thinking he had all the time in the world a teacher shouted '5 mins left'! I don't know how I managed to get an A* in it lol!

    5. It is bad enough when you have no clue what to write in an exam but it is 10x worse when the brainiac next to me is writing unrealistically fast and putting her hand up for paper ever couple of mins! We did 2 of the same subjects at AS and A2 and because our surnames begin with the same letter we were always next to each other in exams and seeing he write soo much when my mind was empty would make me panic!

    6. Waiting outside the room to do my mock Spanish oral and hearing the current oral going on with the student crying her eyes out and the teacher stopping the tape to comfort her. Scared the life out me!

    I have a lot of things to say
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    Choosing a question that asks "Make sure you refer to these sources and do not refer to these sources" and answering it the wrong way round. On top of that, in the same question, being asked to talk about wives in Ancient Greece specifically, and just talking about women in general ... mostly unmarried.
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    Had a really horrible heart palpitation in SATS or something. Lol.
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    Thinking that I'd accidentally left my phone in my pocket and for the whole time thinking 'Do not ring now, do not ring now.' Turned out it wasn't even in there anyway. All that panicking for nothing.

    A girl in the year above me fell off the stage when she did her GCSE drama exam. She had to try to stay in character the whole time.
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    Oh also the inviligator tried to make us start our English AS exam without one of the texts that we *had* to have. We kicked up a fuss and argued and she got really annoyed ("Oh, I'll get it in a minute, you can't possibly need it right at the start of the exam... Oh, you do? Well, surely you can manage just for a few minutes while I go and get it, don't make such a big thing about it") but we got our English teacher along and proved her wrong :awesome:
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    Having coughing fits which always seem to come on in the presence of silence. Coughing until I nearly threw up, eyes watering all over the place. Horrendous.


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