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Funniest thing in exams...

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    Picture this:
    GCSE English Literature.
    About forty five minutes left of the exam.
    Everyone's happily waffling along, bluffing the whole thing, when suddenly we become very aware of the invigilators scurrying up and down the aisles, speaking in hushed, panicked tones. We keep writing, but try to keep one eye on whatever's going on, when one of the invigilators stands right in the middle of the hall and is all like "Everybody stop writing."
    So we're all like... but we've got forty five minutes left. What the **** is this?
    And then the invigilator says in a very serious manner:
    "There's a problem with the anthologies."
    At which point, we all start laughing. We're like, they're anthologies, lady. What can possibly be wrong with them?
    Anyway, it turns out that the invigilators have decided that we've been given faulty anthologies with page numbers printed wrong (not that anyone had noticed) so we have to put the whole exam on hold while they take in all the anthologies and give us all another one. Yes, that's right. Invigilators have enough spare anthologies to go around an entire exam hall, just in case something disasterous happens, like the page numbers being printed wrong.
    So yeah. That's my little exam story. It's pretty much the only interesting thing that's ever happened in one of my exams.

    Scary skinhead lad who everyone knew was a massive thug and a bit psycho came in with an enormous (fake obviously) diamond earring in one ear and bright pink hair. Even the teachers invigilating were lost for words, that was pretty funny.

    History teacher invigilating started laughing so much he had to leave the hall. We asked him about it later and apparently a lad's knob had poked out of his open fly and he hadn't noticed.

    Once during my Standard Grade Art exam, the invigilator fell asleep in his chair.
    Only woke up when someone threw a pencil at his face lol.

    Also our exam halls are the PE halls, with the music department situated above them. Throughout my whole Higher Chemistry paper, all I could hear was the Star Wars theme tune playing above.
    Kinda got annoying after an hour.

    Classmates crying

    Some kid fainted and all heads looked; all i could see was a leg twitch in the air, with five minutes left i forced my self to carry on. Someone who was near him told me he couldn't concentrate haha :|

    (Original post by takethyfacehence)
    In a GCSE exam, a pigeon came into the exam hall through the window. A girl at the back of the room yelling 'Bloody HELL!' and our Head of Year saying 'no need to worry, girls, I can sort this out' (the pigeon kept flapping around for a good while as everyone watched in horror/giggled.
    Why could I not stop laughing at that for a good five minutes. :P

    Anyway, in GCSE science we were all outside the exam hall, and our boring deputy head was calling out names, and he comes to this one kid who replies ''wagwan?'' and the deputy head just goes ''...yo wagwan blud!'', and everyone pissed themselves in laughter.

    In year 9 SATs the same guy came into the exam hall and genuinely could no remember what play we'd been studying for the last year. He just sat there caling out ''yo what's the play called?''. Was hilarious.

    A guy turned up late to a (compulsory) welsh GCSE exam... drunk.
    The head teacher made him go to AA.

    Some of these are genius!

    A fly was buzzing around our exam room (happened to be the very intimate sports hall). By the end of the paper we had a chorus of about 10 boys at the back of the room going *hmmmmm* and then stopping every time the invigilator turned around. Rest of us are just sitting there with pursed lips, trying desperately not to crack up!

    I have honestly not had any remotely funny experiences in exams, I feel like I'm missing out!

    (Original post by Harley)
    ah the phospholipid bilayer... got that joy to look forward to in a couple of weeks, its my last exam

    I remember in Standard Grade French last year the woman on the listening tape would make a whistley noise every time she said an 's' :P It was hysterical!
    I rememember that!! It was so hard not to laugh!!!!

    Biology unit 3, invigilator was sat on a desk, realised it wasn't very sturdy then stood back up. For some weird reason he sat back down and the table collapsed and he genuinely fell flat on his arse and the chair fell backwards. The noise was so loud that everyone turned to look. Omg...it was so hard to keep the laugh in!

    My table collapsing.

    Happened last Monday.

    Ok true story, was in my maths exam, someone's phone goes off, it was one of those tones which says who is ringing,

    invigilator goes to a chinese kid, he gets red and says its not him, starts shaking violently, moves towards next row, the phone says MUM out loud...

    A teacher who was invigilating fell down the staircase and onto a student taking the exam, making the table collapse. She then proceeded to get up and chundered all over the mishmash of table, paper and broken legs.

    Thankfully the student managed to get up in time and he salvaged most of his exam paper - it was at the start of the exam so not much of the paper was used.

    (Original post by littleliongirl<3)
    During my music prelim they played the emmerdale theme song and i nearly peed myself
    OMG, that was my SG music exam last year, I just about died!! I wanted to laugh sooo hard!!

    LOOL in my gcse exam there was a somalian boy he took rizla out of his pocket and started rolling it up haha...and later on he ripped his exam paper

    It doesn't matter how old you an inappropriate fart by someone is infinitely more funny than anything than anything ever. I remember the entire hall laughing as this poor lad was bright red.

    GCSE biology
    Sitting there just before the start psyching myself up for it.
    Invigilator tells everyone to turn to a certain page in the exam and cross out one of the 'o' s loose. Ocr had managed to spell lose wrong. If they hadn't mentioned it i doubt anyone would have noticed but i found this hilarious and couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes.

    i wet myself

    When the invigilator said Lord of the Rings rather than Lord of the Flies


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Updated: July 21, 2012
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