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Funniest thing in exams...

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    A classmate cheated with an A4 sheet of paper. She got an old exam (it was the same one) and didn't bother to re-write it on a smaller slip. The hilarious part was when the teacher saw her and said, "For Christ's sake, if you're going to cheat, do it with a smaller paper!"
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    A peer of mine with a headscarf had her headphones on; cleverly hidden from the naked eye - listening to music on her mp3 whilst doing the majority of her GCSE exams :\. Don't know how she managed to concentrate.
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    Ah, another one: I used to work for the Red Cross and teach ICT at a school in Southern Ghana. So when I supervised an exam, one girl handed her sheet in very early and left. Just a couple of seconds later she went back in. I was just about to remind her that since she had handed in her paper she had to stay outside until the exam ended, when she arrived at her table, reached for something under it and pulled out a cutlass.

    I was just thinking "Okay, this exam might have been a difficult one, but does that really justify running riot?! I mean, I've got a family ..." but she calmly went out of the door. Turned out the class was due to cut the grass in the school yard (in Ghana that means deliberately battering the ground with a cutlass) and so during the course of the exam almost every student who left, came back again to get his cutlass and join his/her mates

    I also found it hilarious when the students had to leave for the toilet and came to my table to ask for permission:

    Student: "Please Sir, I'm going to urinate."
    Me: "Okay."
    Student: "Thank you, Sir!"
    Me: "Eh, you're welcome."
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    I dropped a highlighter once, and rather than being able to bend down and pick it up myself the busybody invigilator came running over. I carried on working and looked up at exactly the right moment to watch her trip over a desk leg and fall flat on her face...

    The entire exam hall couldn't stop laughing for hours. Needless to say I don't think I did very well on that paper.
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    Nothing funny has really happened in mine tbh but I guess if you could say anything a tad bit funny, would be my GCSE exam for maths that happened this march. Somebody's phone went off and one of the teachers had to take the box out of the room as it was in an envelope. Just imagine what would've happened if the person had kept it on them! Not good...gave me a second to breath at least.
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    In my GCSE French oral my teacher kneed the table and the microphone fell off. Doesn't sound that funny, but at the time it was hilarious...
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    LOL omg, we just had a painful week of exams........ The girl next to me had finished 30 minutes before the end time..
    She put her hand up so the invigilator would come,
    she said "miss im finished
    the Invigulator said go through your answers blah blah.. then my freind was like im so so cold pleez pleeeeez let me go - made the whole hall laugh, haha
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    (Original post by Oromis263)
    I know of someone who did this with Physics, which they A*ed...DAMN THEM! :P
    Hmm, sad thing is the guy I knew who got all those A grades without even trying... is now answering telephones for a living and still on the drugs. Kind of a waste to be honest.
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    personal finance exam...

    Does everyone have a pencil? : 99% didn't.
    Takes 25 mins before we can start
    Exam finished after 20 mins (supposed to be 40 mins)
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    I wish I went to your schools. The funniest thing for me is probably that someone's watch alarm went off, the invigilator went up to someone else who had a watch, but not the person who's watch alarm went off and asked for the watch. That person then spent the next 10 minutes giving that invigilator evils.
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    having an invigalator that was so fit that is was too hard to focus on what was happening in my exam!!!!!
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    A girl was sitting behind a boy in an exam. She was constantly kicking his chair intentionally and it was obviously annoying him. He put his hands behind his chair and waited for her to kick again. When she did he grabbed her shoe and threw it across the room!

    She kinda deserved it though.

    The whole exam hall was in silence and nothing happened, until the end when everyone couldn't stop laughing.
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    (Original post by cheekymokeyxxx)
    having an invigalator that was so fit that is was too hard to focus on what was happening in my exam!!!!!
    You had an invigulator that was under 50 AND good looking??? All ours are clearly past it!
    Funniest thing wasn't very funny, was at the time though! It was in my re exam in may, we had strict warnings on phones and how we are disqualified if they go off etc. then 5 mins after start of exam an invidulators phone goes off very loudly so he runs to the corner of the room in embarrassment and couldn't turn it off. As the phone was ringing all you could see was all the other invidulators looking serverly embarrassed and giving the man with the phone evils
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    The funny moments in my exams have to be in my GCSE Biology in January when the mobile phone box was left in the exam room, and someone's phone went off. The funny part was, the head invigilator shouting at this man who ran with the phone box only to lose his footing and land flat on the floor with the phones. The ringtone was 'I'm Sexy And I Know It' aswell which was still playing as this hippee guy is trying to get the phones out. We all had pursed lips until the end of the exam.

    Next funny thing was in my Maths in March where the clock fell off of the wall and hit the Head Invigilator on the head, priceless.

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    We were being lectured about the importance of not having a phone in the exam,then suddenly the invigilators phone went off...

    Also the other week(when it was really hot) they decided to open the fire doors,and a little dog ran in!
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    A girl fell asleep in the middle of her 2.5 hour exam until the end and didn't finish the paper. What's not funny is that fact that she didn't finish, what is funny is that she began snoring and talking her sleep. The invidulator tried to wake her up and she just got more comfortable...
    So funny!
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    happened in my best mates exam, it had been raining and the roof fell through and ruined someones exam. not hilarious for them but you can imagine how funny it would be watching a roof and lots of water fall on your mates head
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    A person in the exam kept saying in hushed voice ...yesssssss.....apparently after he answered each question...that was until the examiner told him to shut up :P
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    I had an AS resit in January and I was the only person doing the exam, so I had to sit in the exam hall alone with these two invigilators. I then managed to cut my thumb and bled all over my exam paper and I wouldn't stop bleeding, so an invigilator had to stand by me and hand me a tissue every couple of minutes so I could actually carry on writing.

    Best thing is I got an A and only 4 marks off full marks for it :') How did I manage
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    In our exam hall, we have collapsing tables. In a geography mock in my sisters year group, an invigilator sat on one of the tables and it collapsed! I wish I'd been there.


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