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Best live British band you have seen

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    Probably gonna get slated for this, but N-Dubz. I love their music and they put on a really good show
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    (Original post by iLoveRobSwire<3)
    Was that at Wembly Stadium on the saturday in september? If yes, I was there as well It was amazing
    Sure was
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    I would have to say Kasabian. they were amazing, although U2 were pretty immense. and then there the Arctic Monkeys.... tough decisions!
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    Havent seen that many bands live but for me it has to Bellowhead all the way followed by Jim Moray. Both of them were absolutley AMAZING!!!! - so much energy
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    definitely OASIS. live forever!
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    biffy clyro,probably.....though i do not see to many bands live,lol ;_;
    would probably like biffy clyro even more if they played some of the older songs more often......if i hear 'mountains' or 'many of horror' one more time.................

    ideal biffy set would be similar to what they perform for reading 2005......... that is one of my most watched videos on youtube. as you can guess,i am not as much of a fan of the 'puzzle' and 'only revolutions' albums....
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    (Original post by meganeira)
    Temper Trap.
    Aren't they from New Zeland?

    Mumford & Sons <3
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    Radiohead in an oddly half empty circus tent in Warrington around the time of Kid A's release. Those songs sound much better in a provincial environment in the darkness than they do on the album itself.

    I saw Radiohead again at Manchester cricket ground around the time of Hail to the thief's release.
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    Muse. Hands down the best.
    Seen them 4 times.
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    Radiohead. Phenomenal.
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    I always though Muse were overrated until I saw them live at Leeds Festival 2011. Absolutely mind blowing!

    Enter Shikari always put on a great show as well!
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    Iron Maiden. Biffy Clyro are excellent too.

    Muse are very good, but I get a bit bored of them after 15 mins. The only person with any stage presence is Matt and he's still not that fascinating to watch.
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    The best concert to have seen would have been Pink Floyd's Pulse concert in 1994, the tour of the Division Bell.
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    Hmm, British-wise I have only ever seen Atomic Kitten, S Club 7 (poor choice I know) and the Prodigy.
    I would probably have to say Prodigy was best - the atmosphere was great!
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    Madness at Reading, they were brilliant, really should have headlined!

    A close second is Pulp, but the experience was made slightly worse by a drunk guy constantly shoving into me for the whole bloody gig.
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    Dananananaykroyd are fantastic because they make the crowd do a wall of hugs instead of a wall of death. It's such a shame they're splitting up.
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    Pulp at Wireless was mindblowing.
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    mumford and sons/kaiser chiefs
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    Motorhead, The Prodigy, Muse. Couldn't chose between the three.
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    Enter shikari


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