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Holiday t-shirt slogans

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    Yes they are tacky and show that you are an English tourist... but it would seem rude not to!

    So me and 4 other of my friends (all girls) are going away and are gunna have tshirts made with a nickname on and then some sort of phrase.

    Any ideas? Maybe something original and witty? If it is possible not too chavvy!
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    It should be something that means something to you guys as a group like in-jokes or how you all view each other (the cheeky one) or something like that. You could always go down the 'little miss' route but that isnt terribly original! Just all sit down together with a bottle of wine, i'm sure you can come up with something
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    Nah just don't do it. Waste of time and money.
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    (Original post by kat2pult)
    Nah just don't do it. Waste of time and money.
    This. I've never seen the point in them.
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    Lmao. There is no way this can not make you look chavvy.
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    There has never been a t-shirt with a slogan on that has not made the wearer look like a dickhead. The concepts of not looking like a dickhead and wearing a t-shirt with a slogan are mutually exclusive.
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    I always thought those holiday t-shirts look like "I spread my legs for anyone" sort of thing.

    Although I have seen a group of students at an airport before with simple Team Australia (or another country name/group name) t-shirts and their name at the back, was kinda cool.

    I think if you are going to make your own t-shirts then buy a cheap Primark top and get permanent markers/fabric pens to draw stuff on, don't waste your money on printing t-shirts.
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    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    Lmao. There is no way this can not make you look chavvy.

    hurrrr :teehee:


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