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18, never had a boyfriend, never had a first kiss!

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm 19, not far off 20 and am in the same situation as you (and a guy) and I'm at uni, but it'll happen when its right
    I knew a guy aged 53. He said the same thing at the age of 17 and every year after that until 53, to stop looking and it'll happen when the time is right. People who don't actively make an effort to find a partner will probably end up like him. That's unless you're extremely good looking, rich, sociable and so on.
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    (Original post by theantiparticle)
    if only there were more girls like you OP
    That made me Thanks lol

    I hope you meant that in a good way
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm pretty much the same, I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend (well I had one in year 6 and 7, but that doesn't count), and I do know it's frustrating.. especially as all my friends are in, or were recently in really good relationships. To be honest, though, I'm actually fat.. and shy.. but I'm in the process of losing weight and gaining confidence and I hope to meet someone in uni in two years.

    Seeing as you're not fat, though, it might be down to confidence.. or something like that. I also have social anxiety and rarely leave the house unless I'm going to work, college or up the shop.

    When I look at the mess I'm in, it's not surprising I don't have a boyfriend, but at least I can change, which is a comforting thought - maybe you should look at your whole situation.. don't just jump to "omg i must be ugly" or "something mega is wrong with me". It just might be that the cookie hasn't crumbled in your way yet.
    At least, that's how I view it now..

    All the best for the future, babes.
    Thankyou And yes I shall improve my confidence as much as I can. I don't think I am ugly, I have got the impression the ugly duckly in me has gone from me a bit in recent years. But it does knock me for sure.

    And I bet you are a very pretty girly Good luck with losing weight, I am sure you will be a beach body in no time And tbh I am going to try and time my stomach a bit, because that would pull my appeal down if I were to hit the beach right now
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    Don't worry about it.

    Who cares just because some people are kissing/having sex at about 12/13? Do you honestly respect the people who have ended up being parents or with an STI?

    And guys don't like girls to have had a load of experience at this kind of thing. There is no rule in life that says you have to have a kiss at such and such an age or anything else!!!

    Some people also never have that are a lot older then you, they are choosing to wait. If you tell people they'll probably think you are choosing to wait and they'll respect you for it, if anything.

    I do understand how you feel though. I think its extreme peer pressure. I used to feel like that when I was 16 and I honestly thought I would die alone and a virgin! Trust me, 18 is really young and yes, at uni many people do meet their partners but not everyone. Being in a relationship is really not the be all and end all, I think you need to work on your own happiness and self-esteem first.
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    So many Anons :k:

    I'm 19 almost 20 a boy and have never kissed or held hands etc. Don't bother me, I'm going to uni this year so maybe I'll find a girl who is worth my time.

    I'm not fat or ugly or have any other reasons tho.
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    it will happen just wait =] and in uni u will find that u will deffo get more than one kiss =]

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    hi..im a guy thats in a similar position altho im in first year of uni. This may sound weird but could I have a chat with u on msn? I jus wanna know whats going through the 'inexperienced' girl's mind, if that makes any sense
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Bless youu, I think they need a rule book for this kind of stuff eh?
    Yeah, they do. I just want to be able to make a girl happy...

    I'd better stop before we both get maudlin, eh?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Thankyou, yes I agree with the whole independent and mature thing. I really like your outlook I am in many ways probably not fully ready to hold a serious relationship, and rushing in to one for the sake of a few months would be pointless. I hate people that seem to get a new boyfriend like they get a period, frequent and clockwork!

    I know my time will come, just need to chin up eh

    And I wanna go to do Nursing at Southampton uni Well either that or Cardiff, we will see...? What are the guys like there
    Southampton's a nice city, though 70% of the guys I know are gay and about half of the 30% left over are taken, but my sample is skewed because my two best mates are gay so I meet a lot of their LGBT mates. We are a very sporty uni, so there's lots to oggle, though

    Good luck with your app, and feel free to PM (for what it's worth, there seem to be a lot of us from all girls school with no guy experience at all at this uni, so you're better off than some )
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    thats peak.....never mind.....heard brazzers are holding auditions
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    (Original post by Anonymous)

    Ok well the title explains all really, and I am getting kinna impatient. I know everyone said the right one will come along when the time is right and not to force it, but I just want what everyone else has.

    The closest I have got is stupid little boys at school, and yes I could have had my first kiss then but he was a ****. I remember the first day we 'went out' he pulled me aside before going to the next class, but the thought of a messy grubby little kiss underneath the stairs where the lockers were really didn't appeal to me. So I chickened out and dashed off to french...

    Anyways I feel like there is something wrong with me. I have never been popular and struggle to make proper friends. At school I had almost the whole year know who I was and refered to me as 'the fish' (I have suffered from psoriasis since I was younger and one ******** thought his bullying deserved to carry on till we left school). So however hard I try I do have a poor view of myself but I try not to let it show around guys etc.

    So I was just wondering who has been in the same situation? When did you find your first proper boyfriend/girlfriend? Do people find someone special at uni (I hope to go 2012 after a year to build up experience)? Or are you too busy working for such complications?

    Sorry if it is a bit long. I kept anon cause it a bit loserish lol
    Just to clarify, your not taking a year to 'build up experience' because of boys right haha.

    Two main points:

    1.) This is a very normal situation, nothing to worry about it, in fact it probably is a pro for girls. Yes many people find someone special at Uni, especially if you go to a fairly isolated University like St Andrews or Durham, but thats a terrible generalisation.

    2.) Its a little overrated anyhow, go out there and have fun, don't get anchored!

    =) Now focus on ur exams haha!
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    To be honest, kids can't appreciate 'relationships'. I've been in some of these 'relationships' , but at such an immature age of...say 15, you can't really appreciate what it means to be comitted, you just want to copy what you see in movies. Do't worry about it, it's best to wait anyway, so what if people around you are getting into relationships which will inevitably fall apart within three months in most cases? Do you really want the hassle? Concentrate into getting in a good uni, and then worry about relationships!

    If you're that keen on guys, do some casual dating. But you don't come off as the type of girl who will enjoy this, so my advice to you is...wait.

    I felt the same but at 14, and I regret starting so young because it's nothing special anymore, there's no excitement left, you're in a great position as you have a lot of good experiences to come and you'll be mature enough to understand and properly experience it
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Thanks, my psoriasis is alot better now but I used to get flacky placs on my face Thankyou Mr. Dermatology I think my schooling hugely knocked my self image but it is improving, but I can't say I ever have really properly belonged socially. But hey ho, agian I am sure I will find the right sort of people one day:rolleyes:

    And oh I have fancied someone, but I guess that crushed my confidence as well I found someone I thought be perfect for me at school, turn out they would show interest but scarper as soon as I showed some back :erm:

    Why does all this have to be so tricky eh? We will get there one day :console:
    Tell me about it i do belive improveing your image (Like getting clothes that suit you,nice make-up and hair) i did this and i do get a bit of attention but normally from the wrong sort of guy what is not surprizing.

    however I honestly don't think looks count as much as i thought this is going to sound mean but many of my friends are not that attractive but they all have boyfriends so i do belive everyone can found someone.
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    (Original post by flubadiblam)
    How does that little troll know my IP address and the computer im using :afraid:
    oh loook who it is
    trust you to post something on this wall
    we have had problems before
    you need to just leave before this gets serious
    regards you know who (james dawes)(just in case you forgot)(james) (****)
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I kept anon cause it a bit loserish lol
    I'm going to tell you saying its 'loserish' is wrong !! Just because you haven't had a relationship with a guy it doesn't make you a loser just like my friend who has never drank alcohol we never see him as a loser !! You will find someone !! and yes Uni does offer ALOT of experience so I have been told !
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    It's really not a big deal.There are thousands of people across the country in the same position. They can't all be "freaks" or "losers" can they?
    Stop focussing on what you haven't got and start focussing on what you have. Learn to love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin and enjoy your life.
    When you start doing this you'll attract the right kind of guys into your life.
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    (Original post by haha16)
    oh loook who it is
    trust you to post something on this wall
    we have had problems before
    you need to just leave before this gets serious
    regards you know who (james dawes)(just in case you forgot)(james) (****)
    "haha" :confused: and who the hell is james dawes lol, nvm don't answer, i dont actually care. :erm:
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    That made me Thanks lol

    I hope you meant that in a good way
    without a doubt


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