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What is your pet's name?

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    My cute (almost) 2 year old cat is called Chubby (Chubbs for short because he was really fat as a kitten <3 and recently I've been calling him Shnookums because he's getting cuter by the day)
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    Staffy cross called Bonnie
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    i have a rabbit called stew.. cause my dad said he was gonna be made into one (cruel right?!) and it stuck haha!
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    Welsh Collie is Princess Bala Vera; Bala after Bala Cynywd where my grandparents live in the States, Vera because when I first walked her at the RSPCA she veered all over the place and Princess because there's a Princess Bala in Antz (I think).

    Cat is Otto because as soon as we got him from the rescue centre he kept running behind things and then coming straight back out, so he needed a palindromic name. Otto was all we could think of. Although he does get called Mr Wiggles on occasion. O.o
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    Cat called Sarabi :ninja:
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    Daisy, the greyhound.

    Always liked the name Stretchy or Pongo for a dog and Alan or Brian for a cat
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    My cats are called Sooty and Coco.

    Though the woman we got Sooty from said he was a girl, so at first he was called Milly. Then we went to the vet who told use he was actually a boy haha.
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    (Original post by mackemforever)
    A photo of my 4 pets. I think this picture shows you which of the animals is the dominant one in the house!

    Dudley is the brown one on the left. Called Dudley because his breed tends to looks like an old man! He is a Basset Fauve de Bretagne.

    Lucky is the small brown one at the back, she is a a Jack Russel cross something, we don't know what the second half of the cross is!

    Bob is the black puppy, he is a Basset Hound cross Springer Spaniel and is called Bob because he is Bob the Basset!

    Last but not least, the ginger bugger on the right is Tigger.
    I want to kidnap all your pets!! :woo: They are just so

    I just like seeing Dudley. It looks just :love:

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    Yorkshire Terrier called Bear because the breeder had nicknamed him, and it stuck because of how very teddy bear like he is. Then there's the Labrador Bess, who was three when we got her so naturally kept her name. Misty, who is about ten different breeds of dog, was six when we got her and again kept her name. George is a Bassett Hound named because he was born on St.George's day.

    The cats are Olivia, Harry and Treacle. Olivia, or Livvie, was named because my Gran had wanted to call a daughter that but never had another girl, Harry is short for "Harry the Spider" which comes from his ability to sense a spider three rooms over, and Treacle was another rescue who was already named.
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    Two cats; one called Chewbacca (startling resemblance for a cat!) and Bart - because the first Christmas we had him he broke every single one of our christmas decorations.
    Fish; It.
    Chickens; Nutmeg, Sophie and Henrietta (my mumma named them aha)
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    i have a dog called bliss and two cats called misty and china <3
    my babiesssss
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    Cat called pebbles
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    We have two German Shepherds in our household, both female, one called Nala and the other called Violet.

    We chose Nala because we like the lion king :ninja: and Violet was already named when we got her as she was about 6 months old, but we didn't want to re-name her
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    My cat's name is Charlie
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    I called my first hamster Gem, because my boyfriend wanted to call her Gemima (like the puddle duck)

    I called my second one Olive, because i wanted a boy and was gonna call him Oliver, but then the one i fell in love with was a girlie :P
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    I don't have a pet, but I had a couple of goldfish- (If that even counts!), when I was around ten. Suffered severe trauma when they swam their way up into goldfish heaven.
    First Itchy died...
    Then Scratchy.
    Yes, my fish were called Itchy and Scratchy. And I was SEVEN AT THE TIME AND I WAS DEVELOPING AN OBSESSION WITH THE SIMPSONS. OKAY?
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    I've got a golden labrador called Daisy, who we bought from Merseyside Police. She could not hack it as a sniffer dog. Its not surprising when she can't find her bone...when its right next to her.
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    I have a tabby cat called Tiger, and a border terrier called Monty. :^_^:
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    My cat is called Sarabi.
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    I have three rabbits I got from an animal shelter
    Blossom - She was originally called Mercedes, so we decided she needed a new, pretty name!
    Odie - Not sure, just suited him.
    Zelda - My sister is a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda, so she decided to call her exactly that!

    I used to have a hamster called Bubbles, called her so because she had such a bubbly, lovely personality


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