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What is your pet's name?

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    Our cat who is a tortoiseshell looks like a twiglet, hence the name Twiglet. That and the fact that our cats have to all be named after crisps, our old ginger cat was called Quaver, haha.

    My kitten's called Tibbles!


    Well, we're pet people in my family!

    Cat 1 - Bart. (Full name - Bartholomew). My brother and I named him after Bart from the Simpsons.

    Cat 2 - Barney. Named after Barney from the Simpsons.

    Cat 3 - Lenny. Named after Lenny from the Simpsons.

    Cat 4 - Carl. I think you see the tradition going here.

    Dog 1 - Indie. I'm inclined to say that she was named after Indianna Jones. She wasn't. My parents just really like the name.

    Dog 2 - Ozzy. The couple we bought him off were Australian, we though it was quite fitting.

    Horse 1 - Laurie. We're big House fans in my household!

    Horse 2 - JD. My sister wanted to call him Jadey, but it was far too feminine. JD makes him seem like a character from scrubs.

    My sister's Chinchilla: Joey. I can only guess this is something to do with her obsession with Friends...

    My brother's snake: Jim. My brother was trying to be original and funny.

    We also have a big pond, and we named all the fish. We're pretty unoriginal, so its pretty obvious why we choose them.
    They're all orange you see...

    Previous pets. ie. the deceased:

    Cat 1: Whistler. Mama to the Simpsons. She's actually named after a ski lodge.

    Cat 2: Paddy. I'm not too sure why Paddy was called Paddy actually...

    Dog 1 - Merlin. After...well... Merlin. I miss Merlin!

    Dog 2 - Benjy. He was just so cute, and playful. He just WAS a Benjy.

    Hamster 1 - Dexter. After the cartoon network show...

    Hamster 2 - Didi. After his annoying sister!

    Horse 1 - Milly. Was actually my Mums friend horse and then she gave it to us.

    Horse 2 - Butters. Was he named after the south park character? I don't know.

    We've had numerous amounts of these, but the names I can remember are...

    We also have some bats that fly about where we are, we called them Charles and Camilla, although I think there actually be more than two.

    We also had some chickens when I was little, but I have no idea what they were called!

    Like I said...we're pet people! I also have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. The house isn't quiet!

    this is one of my security questions from my bank... next you'll want to know my mothers maiden name.

    Trying to remember all the pets I've had!

    Growing up I had a dog called Henry. My first pets were fish, I named them Jessie and Noddy. Then I got a hamster, called Claire. I had 2 rabbits called Snowy and Sooty (original :rolleyes:). A fish called Goldeen. Two hamsters called Sapphire (Sapphy) and Hermione. Then two gerbils called Laurie and Smidge. Another dog, called Jacob (Jakey). A hamster called Alba. And now I have a kitten called Loki.

    I think that's all of them.

    My first cat was called Smoky (even though he was black) named after my aunt's cat who I adored (still do - she looks like the tabby from the wiskas ads )
    Our next cat was called Sooty - again black The one we currently feed (not technically ours - but we baby-sit him on occasion!) is a big ginger who has been christened Marmalade...gosh, really need to start thinking of more original names :P


    Wonder how many password you can get from this

    I have a rabbit called Flopsy. She has floppy ears and all.

    My newest addition to the family,
    Hamster - Bonnie

    I have a Irish setter called Charlie and Gordon setter named Archie. I'm not really sure why we named them that just sort of happened!

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    Recently had to have my cat put down but she was called lily

    ♥ I Love My Pets ♥

    Golden Cocker Spaniel - Poppii
    Rabbits - Alfie (Mine) and (My Brothers) Benny
    Cats - Molly, Barney, Marmie, Munch, Toby, Tony Jupiter, Peanut, Sammie, Fifi, Buster.

    There isn't really a reason just look at them and name them :P Although Toby and Tony Jupiter look identical! So we called the younger one Toby Junior but ended up getting muddle up so he ended up being called Tony Jupiter :L Not very interesting but still :L ♥

    My Jack Russel was called Judy. :yep:

    I've got a kitten called Barry.

    I have a rabbit called Roxy

    I've got a rabbit called Albert

    My cat's names were Pipi, Tibbs and Malteasers (Malty)

    I have two guinea pigs, barley (has fluffy hair) and biscuit (who eats lots)

    I have a cat called Fluffy

    I didn't chose it so you can't judge


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