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What is your pet's name?

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    Two cats - Daisy and Poppy.

    My next will be called Lily :yep:
    Or Chrysanthemum.

    Nah, Lily. :teehee:
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    This is Portia We got her from the Cats Protection League and because they have so many cats they named them by themes - she was part of a set named after cars, called Clio, Lexus and Porscha. We just changed the spelling so it was like the Shakespeare, although she's probably the least sophisticated cat in the world

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    (Original post by loonyplatypus)
    This is Portia
    D'aww, she's gorgeous :love:
    Pretty naaame :yep:
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    i have a cat and he's called clarence that was his name from his previous owners so we didn't think it was wise to change it although it's still a lovely name
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    (Original post by mackemforever)
    Last but not least, the ginger bugger on the right is Tigger.
    ahh if I got the chance to name my cat I would have called him Tigger! we used to have a rabbit called Tigger but that was years ago!
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    Harry and Alfie both cats
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    I have a black cat called Lexi, she was called Squeaky when we got her as a kitten but my childhood nickname is Squeak due to my high pitched cry as a baby, my parents still call me it a lot and I didn't want to have any confusion when the cat is called and I answer. So I changed her name to Lexi
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    I have a cat which my Mum named McKay, then I have a sarasa comet called Camus and a shubunin called Sartre.

    The fish are at my Dad's house, I should point out.
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    (Original post by mackemforever)
    Bob is the black puppy, he is a Basset Hound cross Springer Spaniel and is called Bob because he is Bob the Basset!
    Did you get your basset hound from Animal Krackers?
    I'm only asking because they had one exactly the same on there website when we were looking for our dog, same colour and everything!

    OP currently have 3 dogs;
    Athena named after the Greek Goddess she is a German Shepherd but isnt typical shepherd colours more blue and cream!! She looks like a little wise old woman.
    Maisie a labrador dacshund cross can run ridiculously fast, is so nice and kind but a bit stupid. She's a rescue dog.
    Bella who's the newest member of the family she's a staffy she's named after Bella Nuit (Beautiful Night) not bella from the Twilight series as she is jet black. She's also a rescue dog but is only a pup (6 months old)

    3 Cats
    Paddy black and white half Persian, he's the oldest out of the three and only has three teeth he is the most independent and is stunning.
    Boris named after Boris Johnson, he's ginger, fat and lazy and thinks he is a dog
    Isaac who is jet black and is very clingy he will not leave women alone he's not so bothered about men but he will stay next to a woman for hours!

    3 Fish
    Mills, Moyles, Big Fish
    all won at a fair and going strong, not much you can say about pet goldfish really...

    2 Birds
    1 Cockatiel named Georgie Podgie and a canary named Bumble, they were my grandas but we got them when he passed away.

    1 Rabbit
    Sydney he is a lop-eared rabbit and actually looks like he smiles at you, he's beautiful and jumps up on your knee when you go in to his run.

    6+ Chickens
    Calypso, Nana, Sparkle, Madge, Henrietta, Boudiccia and a newly hatched chicken with more coming soon!!

    Rosie and Edwina.

    So yea quite a few pets nearly all of which are rescued
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    Dog is called Butch, though he's really anything but
    And fishy is called Keiko after the whale in free willy
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    I use to have a cat named Tigra when I was about 12, but my dad gave it to a rescue centre

    But if I get another one I'll name him Salem (No need to say why :awesome:)
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    I have 3 cats:

    Chloe...She has many nicknames including Bearded puss (she has a beard you see), McTavish, Smelly cat and Chlovie

    Sam A.K.A. Samuel Whiskers

    Charlie Brown...or Big fat browny cat, he's pretty enormous

    Ferret called Ailyn A.K.A Baroness von Stinky

    And two dogs; Jasper, sometimes called Woofter because he's done a few homosexual acts upon other dogs and Toby...the puppy
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    Sadly don't have any pets anymore but I did have a golden retriever called Rea. She was named after the singer Chris Rea by my parents. My hamster was called Cinnamon, and was named Cinnamon creatively by me, as she was cinnamon-y coloured
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    I have too many pets to name (what with 100+ chicken )
    But some names:
    Dog - Belle
    Rabbits - Sgt Pepper and BeBe
    Cockatiels - Cheeky and Teal
    rats - Tiramisu and Sally
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    I have a cat called Willow, because the rescue centre we got her from wall on Willow Lane, or something along those lines.

    My guinea pigs' names are more interesting: Elphaba and Glinda, after the witches in Wicked.
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    Dog - Scruffy, because his fur is always a mess and I was seven when we named him
    Hamsters - Herby (my brothers) and William the Bloody (mine)
    My mum used to have a three legged cat called Hoppy
    My boyfriend has two budgies, called White Budgie and Blue Budgie <3
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    We have a Rottweiler called Gemma and a St Bernard called Jedi. All names were given by the previous owner who migrated to another country.
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    Mouse - Beaky (reason being he is a squeaky beaky fatty mouse)
    Cat - Tiggy
    Chickens - Ginger, Clover, and Chicky
    Fish - Big mouth (Strikes Again), Ghost, Morpheus, Neo, and General Fat Face.
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    My previous cats have all had ridiculous names:

    Fidos-Lidos-Trios-Ethos (Fido)
    Tinkus-Winkus-Maximus (Tinky Winky)
    Topper-Wopper-Woppers-On-My-Shoulder (Topsy)
    Chedwick Arnold
    Boutros Boutros-Ghali

    :teehee: Poor things.
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    (Original post by Charlottie93)
    Did you get your basset hound from Animal Krackers?
    I'm only asking because they had one exactly the same on there website when we were looking for our dog, same colour and everything!
    No we didn't. He came from a rescue centre in Bristol.

    He was one of only 2 left from a litter of 8 that were dumped on them. There was him (the runt of the litter) and one of his brothers who exactly the same in terms of shape but was pale brown, really odd for a basset hound cross.

    He is a lovely little dog though, is very nervy because we think he was abused by the family that dumped them all at the rescue centre. We've had him 2 months and he is only just getting brave enough to come up to you in the house. Outside he is OK, as soon as he is lying down he is fine but if he is wandering around the house he is terrified of people. He is finally getting over it a bit and is really coming out of his shell though.


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