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Can you be friends with an ex?

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    Me and my gf look like were about to split up, it's more her decision than mine but she is getting angry at me about me saying it's best if we don't speak after until were both over it.

    Basically can you be friends with your ex?
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    It's certainly possible, but it can be very difficult. It all depends on the people.

    I personally tried (twice) but it's just too hard.
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    Yea, all depends on the nature of the relationship, the break up and the people involved.
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    Definitely yes.
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    From my (albeit limited) experience, it only works if you have a break, like a time when you don't speak to make sure that you're both ok with it. Then, if you're meant to be friends you'll drift back together as friends. Don't force it. I think it's kind of impossible to do straight from a relationship to being friends...the one time I tried this, it ended up getting verrrrry messy and emotionally confusing.
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    You can if YOUR the one breaking up with her otherwise you'll always love her and hope things will reignite
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    I think it depends how invested in the relationship you were, how long you were together and the circumstances surrounding your break-up. I'm best friends with one of my exes, but my most recent ex I can't talk to.
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    definitely depends on how long you've been together and how into the relationship you both were. i find there's always some awkwardness to start off with but it gets better the more you talk to them and are around them. so if you'd see them a lot anyway and you were friends beforehand you can probably still have a good friendship afterwards.
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    I'm friends with all my ex's. Never found any problems with it.
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    Best friends with mine, although it was difficult at first you can definitely get through it.
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    (You're gonna get a lot of differing opinions here).
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    Yep, although depends entirely on each individual situation. Me and my ex broke up when we were 16, are now almost 20 and he's a great friend.

    edit: should probably mention I couldn't stay friends with most recent ex, as it ended badly. As I said all depends on the situation.
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    Anyone saying no is a fool.

    Of course it's possible for some people. It helps if you're awesome.
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    I prefer throwing them in the dustbin of history where they belong. No matter how nice they were, I don't want to be friends with them ever again. Strikes me as pointless and stupid when theres so many other people on the planet you can get to know instead......
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    Yeah, lots of people are friends with their ex. You have to have a good break up though. Don't insult her, don't make excuses, don't try to get her back.
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    Depends why its ending, how they find it easier to move on... I've not stayed friends with ex's, would like to see how they are and stuff but always feels a bit random to message them out of the blue :|
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    in my experience, yes...but you have to have a good 6 month healing period where you aren't in contact.
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    I wouldnt advise it if u were in love


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