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Part time/summer jobs for 16 year olds? Working whilst in college? Aimed at 16/18

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    Hi everyone.. I'm pretty new to this so bare with me.

    I'm 15 years old, in year 11, currently doing my GCSEs.

    I'm 16 next month and I already have my NI card, so that's all sorted.

    I know I'm currently doing my exams but I thought I'd just take a minute out to get some information because I'd like to get a 'summer job'.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should try and get one?

    Also, I'll be going to 6th form in September which is full time, but I'd also like a part time job (otherwise I don't know how I'm getting to 6th form without EMA/or whatever it is called now).

    What is a reasonable amount of hours to be working a week if you're in full time education?

    Ok I know this has been long and tedious but I have a lot of questions :P

    Thanks in advance..

    P.S. how much did you earn when you were 16/in college?
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    Tesco. One of the best for money. They offer a very good wage compared to similar type jobs.
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    Do you go into the store or apply online?
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    Hands cvs in to cafes, restaurants and shops etc. At least then people know you are looking for work and will consider you
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    For Tesco’s you need to go in store and get an application form but for other supermarkets like asda and Sainsbury’s you can do it online. I would say stay away from sports world that’s was my first job and it was rubbish, in all aspects. But as muzza said I’d go for Tesco, that’s the highest paying place for just cashier at the moment if not them then something similar. Most places that have lots of students will let you have up to 3 months, maybe more, unpaid study leave because exams are important.


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Updated: June 13, 2011
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