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Middlesex university term dates?

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    What are the term dates for Middlesex University 2011/2012? I looked on the website but got confused...
    Or can someone tell me what the dates were last year to give me some kind of indication (excluding exams, I'm doing illustration so I don't think I' have any).
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    I'm pretty sure freshers week is 03rd October onwards.
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    Has anyone who applied to Middlesex have heard anything yet???
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    Nope. They suck at giving info.
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    I'm going into 3rd year and start October 10th so I'm guessing first year will start the week beforehand.

    Last years term dates were:

    Term 1:
    Oct 12th - Dec 17th

    Term 2:
    Jan 11th - May 11th

    There was a Reading week thrown in around March time, but that was for photography students, I don't know when the illustration reading week was.
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    I haven't heard anything either, rubbish.
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    Anyone recieved their welcome pack yet??
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    Nope! rang them and they said to ring back tomorrow if i still hadn't got it..pretty unhelpful!
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    Got the same answer..apart from the told me I'd get it sometime this week or next week. Can't even enrol because I don't have the details.
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    Same here, I called them too and they said i should receive it too... some people have got e-mails but I still havent got anything i didnt even get a letter from them saying you have been accepted but when I called up UCAS they said I have an unconditional offer with Middlesex so I'm asuming that I will be starting in Octobe
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    They helped me quite a lot, usually if you e-mail them they tell you, if you don't find the appropriate person then contact a course tutor above so you can find out.


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Updated: September 16, 2011
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