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Newcastle United F.C Society Thread II

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    Not really believing that till i see it.

    Obviously those youngsters told they have no future will leave. there all 18-19-20 and nowhere near the first team. When the likes of Shane Ferguson, Taverner are.

    Phil Airey looked brilliant in the reserves. If we kept him and loaned him out we might get a couple of mil for him.
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    (Original post by Chriswuk)
    Very pleased with the transfer window personally. We haven't lost any players and we've signed a striker with massive ability. The other teams in the top 7 have barely spent anything so definitely puts us in a good position. Let's hope we can scrape the few games without cissé/ba/cabaye and tioté.


    Interesting stuff.
    Shame like went to school with Patrick Nzuzi.
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    (Original post by TCD23)
    The guys name is Yanga-Mbiwa i think. I reckon we're more interested in that crazy dutch bloke Douglas.
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    Yohan Cabaye loses appeal. (Shock). Awaiting what will be an expected 3-game ban.

    The FA (and Fifa) are an absolute bunch of ********s.

    I'd love to see what the panel for this involves. Probalies 5 fat tossers in suits who sit around get fed have coffee. Watch the incident. Read out the appeals etc. Then just pass judgement without a discussion.
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    ****. I really hope Abeid gets the nod ahead of Gosling tonight.
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    Sounds good :beard:

    £15 million on acquiring youngsters.

    Quite a bit that like.
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    Krul,Simpson,Coloccini,Williamso n Santon,Ben Arfa,Jonas,Guthrie,R Taylor Best,Ameobi

    Raylor in at CM. Kinda nervous about this one
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    Ameobi :facepalm2:
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    Got a bad bad feeling about tonight....

    Then again we could win.

    Or draw

    Or lose :getmecoat:
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    Folks, they haven't got Yakubu, I mean who else is going to score for them?
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    I would just like to say that Blackburn has the most beautiful crest in the whole Premiership at the moment. :coma:


    Not as good as this one though:


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    bwahaha I'll take it :gah:
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    That's why I rate Simpson - clearance off the line.
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    Where is Ba and Cisse? I thought they'd be back for tonight but they aren't even on the bench.
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    Theyre showing pictures of Perch. God help us.
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    The stats don't look good for the game so far.

    Shots 12 - 4
    On target 5 - 2
    Corners 7 - 1
    Fouls 2 - 8
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    We need to come back a different team after half time and hold on to that goal.
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    Im so angry at hoiletts dive, absolutely disgraceful, blatant cheating that should be punishable by a ban
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    get in!!! so pleased for Obertan.
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    go on Obertan go oooooooooooon!!!
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