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Has anyone worked at Ardmore language schools before?

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    I'm in the same boat as you Amelia. I was also hired for the activity leader position, but I will be at Yale University. I'll keep my fingers crossed for this summer being worth our while.
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    Oh okay! At least it's not just me! Have you done all your online training? I hadn't had any details on mine so I rang them yesterday and they said they'd contact the external group who runs the training but still had nothing! Bit concerned as my camp starts on 29th!
    Hopefully it'll be a fun summer though!
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    I wasnt aware that there was online training. I've only just recieved the paperwork that includes the letter of engagement among other things. Kind of funny to think that they can train an activity leader online! My camp starts July 10th so I have a bit more time.
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    Hey Guys
    I'm working as a Senior Welfare Leader at Shiplake!!
    Excited only got the job 2 days ago and I start next Sunday!! Mental!
    What kind of things do we need to take clothes wise ??

    Chlo xx
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    Ive no idea! I had to fill in a form for size of polo top and shorts but I have no idea what they expect! They haven't given much details yet! I start next Sunday too!
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    Let me know how ur 1st day goes as far as move, getting settled and anything else the might throw at you.
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    Will do!! Do you have any idea what we need to pack?! I feel I'm going to end up taking most my wardrobe!!

    Posted from TSR Mobile
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    I haven't gotten a specific list of things to bring, but I imagine it would be a good idea to have at least one formal outfit just in case. I believe the provide a uniform. Bring sports wear, sleeping wear, and obviously comfy summer clothes. Don't forget to bring a comfy sweat suit for those chilly nights.
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    Hi guys! I am starting out as a Senior Welfare Leader in RHS too! So relieved that there are others here too I am well nervous for some reason. Amelia, what time are you getting there on Sunday? I am only arriving in the afternoon but I think that is okay with them. Does anyone know if there are any buses from the Ipswich coach station to the school? I still need to do the bloody training. Ah, hope it's all good!
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    Is anybody else having trouble doing the Activate Sport online training ?? Cant log on spoke to ardmore at the start of the week but it still hasn't been sorted. :/
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    Hello! I'm working at RHS in Ipswich as a Senior Welfare Leader and I'll be going tomorrow! Literally just got the phone call today. From what I've been reading it sounds like it'll be good, nice to see a few others faces who will be going.
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    hey guys...i applied over a month ago and still no reply...does is take them long like this to answer or what..? tnx for info
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    I have a offer for senior activity leader for his year, jut wondering do you get to book time off as I'd love to nip home for a few days


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